Family of Woodstock

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The founders of Family of Woodstock charity organization was created in 1970, their human services mission is to provide confidential and fully accessible crisis intervention, resources, prevention, support services while utilizing a network of paid individuals, volunteers to help expand strength-based and prevention programs which grow healthier individuals, communities with providing strong leadership in the effort to assist people to achieve self-sufficiency and self-respect. The Family of Woodstock specializes in meeting the general needs of the community with the operation of 24 hour a day emergency switchboard that county wide and toll free. They specialized in offering walk-in centers that readily accessible/emergency shelter for the homeless and food programs that provides hot meals.

They offer youth facility with fourteen beds to help address teenager who run away from home and need shelter. Men and women who are in recovery have access to nineteen-bed shelter. Families who can no longer afford to maintain a roof over their heads can stay at a twenty-seven bed Family Inn, and not sleep in their cars or on the streets at night. The organization recognized the need for immediate shelter for women and children who are battered, abuse have immediate access to seventeen-bed domestic violence shelter. Their services extends to supervised living programs sites for the adolescents and dependable care programs for the elderly, advocates for child care, HIV/AIDS family court, abusers, and individuals in jail.

The charity organization is also authorized by Family Court to provide supervised visitation for parents who have lost their parental custody of their children. The Family of Woodstock personnel are skilled and trained not to pass judgment on people or try to tell them what they can or can’t do. They are there to listen to what people needed to say and then offer advice on what they can do. The Family of Woodstock tries to direct individuals to support groups that may help them or offer necessary alternatives. The organization mission, values, ethics, beliefs and goals have remained the same with assisting individuals and families who are in need of supported services.

Over the last four decades we have experience the evolution of concepts, ideals, and changes much like the principle’s that The Family of Woodstock stood on. The human services system had develop over many years, specialization has delivered great progress for individuals who need assistance for their daily survival. We have more programs available mental health, shelter, medical, battered women, substance abuse, vocational and food programs. In the United States along our population will continues to grow and the demand to provide more support services will be needed.

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