Fast Food Essay

America’s obesity is caused by numerous factors, that which are viewed differently by people. For example, many different people believe the problem of obesity is caused by over eating, increased portion sizes, lack of nutrition, and how fast food companies are going after children. These problems are all considered to be immense problems of obesity. Though, different people may believe only one of the followings is a major cause. Thus, it is of importance to discuss the reasons why.

First of all, portion sizes from fast food restaurants have dramatically increased over the course of a few decades. In the article, “By Any Other Name, It’s Still a Supersize,” the author, Lisa R. Young, states that, “In the last few years, Hardee’s, Burger King and Wendy’s all have introduced 1,000-calorie-plus sandwiches stuffed with 12 ounces of beef – the amount of meat recommended for two days for most adults.” This shows that one meal can be more than half the average calories needed for individuals in a single day. Instead, people should avoid large quantities of food and should eat healthier. Consequently, big portion sizes are one of the factors of obesity.

Second, fast food companies are deliberately targeting children as they are easy targets to go after. Kelly Brownell, the author of “Are Children Prey for Fast Food Companies?” says how Happy Meals from McDonalds are served with toys. These toys are advertised and are served with low nutritious food. “Only 12 of 3,039 possible kids’ meal combinations meet nutrition criteria for preschoolers.” However, if fast food companies would serve healthier foods to children, like fruits and milk, the statistics would increase. Also, these foods are high in sugar, and fat. Ultimately, companies targeting children with unhealthy food and toys can lead to a higher rate of children being obese or diabetic.

Strangely enough, fast food mimicking fast casual places may actually be better and healthier due to its fresher ingredients. Julie Jargon writes the article, “Fast Food Aspires to ‘Fast Casual’”; and she states that fast food restaurants are up scaling their food. “In the hope of appealing to more-sophisticated consumers, fast-food chains are moving beyond simple
cheeseburgers and tacos, adding fancier ingredients such as portabella mushrooms, citrus-herb marinated chicken, and pepper bacon.” This upgrade may be attracting more customers to the fast food industry, but they will be attracted to healthier foods. Therefore, it may not be as much as a leading cause as of obesity as other things.

In conclusion, fast food companies have changed America for the worse over the course of a few years. Fast food places mostly have high fat and low nutritious portion sizes that shouldn’t be eaten daily. Families shouldn’t eat fast foods as much as they think they should, and instead should result in eating healthier, fresher products. Alternatives to fast food places may dramatically decrease obesity in America. America’s obesity epidemic may be led by the fast food industries.