Final Draft of Argument Essay: Traffic in Chicago Needs to be Solved

Traffic in Chicago is a big problem, so the mayor should take it serious and solve it by build new roads or creating new traveling methods. Traffic jam is a long line of vehicles in which many vehicles get stuck in jam. Although there are many causes of traffic jam, the main cause of traffic jam is the narrowness of roads in proportion to the large number of vehicles. Traffic is a very big obstacle in reaching where we are heading to. It brings great suffering to us, and kills our valuable time. We can not reach school, college, office and hospital in time. Sometimes ambulance and fire brigade can not go hurry up due to traffic jam. In result, this problem should be solved. Traffic during the rush hours is the worst. We are in about to be in Summer time, where Chicago receives millions of visitors. In that time that’s where people lost a lot of things. If you have a flight in that period, you better take a train because it will take long to get the airport.

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Responsible should take the traffic jam seriously, and must be solved. Solutions like using public transportation in better way to travel, and it is the most convenient method. Also, creating new bike lanes encourage people to ride bikes rather than driving which help decreasing the traffic. By informing the drivers that leaving their vehicles and take other traveling methods is only way to reduce traffic. In conclusion, traffic jam can be solved by some actions. Solutions to small road capacity should be the improvement of road condition. More roads even underground railways and tunnels should be laid down to relieve traffic congestion. At the same time, better public transportation systems are also needed, including bus, CTA, Pace and many others.

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