First Day of High School

Walking into a brand new school for the first time with a bundle of happiness and a twisted knot in your stomach indicating just how nervous you really are, sure is a way to start your first day of high school. It is natural on the part of every student to remember the first day at school. Recently, I just became a 9th grader. I remember the day as a unclear haze, that resembled a impossible puzzle to complete. The night before was spent with stories of high school back in the last couple decades or so. Ever so often was an, “Oh you’ll blend in,” “You’ve grown so much,” and “I cannot believe you’re already in high school.” Eventually the praise died down and it was time to climb into bed.

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The first thing I came to realize was a large building pacted tightly together within a compound wall. As small as I am, i couldn’t not seem to put the puzzle pieces together but luckily a map became my bestfriend. The schedule was confusing at first, since it was a long summertime before I had last read one. Nothing felt stable or ordered, everything seemed like it was going to be chaotic any minute. A few seconds later the bell rang, as I thought to myself how much I did not ever recall a harsh stop and ponder during the summer about miss the bell itself.

The pattern went throughout the day as a class began, and after a long period a bell ended the period and began a new class. This went on for what felt like years. I walked through the halls and tried to categorize exactly what type of people I would be dealing with and I’ve realized the fact high school is anything but the type of events they describe in movies. Everyone seemed to fit each category perfectly, however it wasn’t quite the match. These faces appeared more normal and friendly. I remember my imagination of what high school was like when I was younger. I was just dying to experience all the new and exciting things that awaited me. From sports to boys to all the partying, I just wanted to know what everything was like and now that I’m finally here, I feel like I want to go back to when I was younger and not wish to grow up so much.

As time goes on you find yourself getting to class earlier and earlier each day. Finding new routes, talking a little more, taking more time between
classes and the tension eases. The days do not get harder, but the work and study habits do. Later days of the school year are always easier then the first few. Some say that “high school was the best time of my life”, just like others say that high school was the worst time in their lives. To be honest, I am not sure which category I fall into yet. I’ve had a good start but I know high school won’t be picture perfect for me. The only thing I can say is that I am learning.

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