Fitness Gear Clothing

Fitness Gear Clothing designs and produces active workout clothing and accessories for men and women. Fitness Gear products are like no other made of high quality material designed to diminish body heat and cold. The consumer can either purchase clothing wear to diminish heat to cool him or her down or consume heat to warm him or her up during his or her workout. The clothing also contains scent control technology that helps control orders during workouts. Fitness Gear Clothing will carry a large selection of unique looks for all types of bodies from sexy to conservative that differentiate from other organizations. Every product produced by Fitness Gear undergoes strict research guidelines and is development to offer the finest product to consumers. Fitness Gear Clothing will strive for excellent customer service with high quality products to make the consumers feel and look superior. “It’s not just about working out; it’s about looking good and feeling great. It’s about striving to be the best, dressing and working out for a healthy active life.”

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In the future Fitness Gear organization plans to expand their business in becoming the number provider to gym organizations and families around the world. We plan to expand our organization by outputting competitive prices and offering incentives to our customers and merchants. Once established we will have a one hundred employees with a variety of different business departments (accounting, marketing, human resources, and finance). Conducting weekly managerial meetings to communicate effectively and address any situations immediately. Fitness Gear Clothing will conduct holiday events for employees to participate in to make employees feel appreciated. We will be famous for creating and producing quality fitness clothing for men and women who not only want to look good when they are working out but also feel satisfied as well. Consumers, employees, and supervisors will care about what we do because we will activity participating in community events and donate to charities to help those in need. Employees will be proud to work for Fitness Gear Clothing because it will have a pleasant comfortable environment with bonus and vacation incentives. With different competitors entering the sales market our company will hire bright employee who will have to be creative and come up with brilliant ideas to stay on top of our

Ethics and social responsibility will be taught to each employee before, during, and after they are hired. He or she will be held to maintain high standards and will sign contacts explaining their role and rules of the company. Fitness Gear Clothing will conduct ethic management courses to teach our employees to do what is morally correct if a situation occurs in the work environment. In the course the instructor will handout our corporate values, policies, and behavior handouts examples to make each employee be aware of social and ethical responsibilities. It will be our duty to train our employees to learn what the difference between right and wrong. By incorporating handouts and training each employee will be responsible for his or her actions, conduct, and ethics. Our organization will be involved in community events, donations, and promotions to boost awareness and exposure of our company. Getting involved in the community will make people aware of what our company has to offer. “Business corporations exist for one reason: to make money. Today, however, corporations are mindful of their corporate social responsibility, or CSR, also known as their triple bottom line, which includes a concern for profits, but also an ethical treatment of people and the world in which we live.”

The vision that Fitness Gear Clothing has is to create a prestige’s brand that every consumer acknowledges and admires. We want to make our consumer feel comfortable in our clothing and accessory line. The more our company grows into the clothing industry more competitors will come into the clothing market. Our company will have competitive prices, quality clothing, and accessories to compete in this business. Our mission statement is “It’s not just about working out; it’s about looking good and feeling great. It’s about striving to be the best, dressing and working out for a healthy active life.” We want to address and promote a healthy lifestyle that cannot only save life’s but to changes life’s. The organizations values will always be using proper language with customers and coworkers. Satisfy our customer and employees with imitated action to solve any issues that may occur. We will promote a healthy lifestyle throughout communities and be unique from other
organization to set an example. Fitness Gear Clothing Body will have high ethics and standards to maintain work standards in and out of the organization. Every organization needs to have superior customer service to satisfy each customer. Word of mouth, social media, and newspapers have an immense impact on the reputation of Fitness Gear Clothing. Every time a consumer purchases something online and take the marketing survey he or she will receive points to purchase items without charge. This will give us immediate knowledge of what the customer liked or disliked. By getting to know what the customers wants are, we can change or modify our products, customer service, or materials. Shipping and returned items will be at no charge to attract the consumers to purchase future items. We will carry T-shirts, sweat shirts, tanks, fight shorts, socks, hats, and much more with customized options to achieve competitive advantage with holiday and once a month specials. Staying competitive and finding new ways to polish business operations and keep overhead cost low. The clothing choices will come with specific measurements to prevent clothing returns and our lifting accessories, including wrist, knee wraps, lifting straps, and weightlifting belts will have a lifetime warranty. With these options consumers will no option but to purchase from the prime leader in fitness gear.

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