From personal experience

Life is a long journey. We are all bestowed with good and not-so-good moments in our life. As we grow older, we tend to face the hardships of the world. These days, lots of cobwebs have settled around and it feels as if we have totally forgotten the simple pleasures of life. During our stay in MFV Jose Law Office, or Opis as what we call it, we experienced a lot of things some were stressful, but most of the time, it was blissful. We experienced journeying into the unknown parts of the Philippines, from Kalookan, to Fairview, to Malabon, Tondo, and other places we thought we’d never go to. We experienced doing things that was very alien to us like using a Stenographic Typewriter, reading SCRA and SCRI, talking with other lawyers (in English), interviewing clients, and many others. Also the Flexible time, for someone like me, it was really germane. I wonder where I could find another office that has a flexible time and still pays me for a whole day. I also experienced being scolded by a court sheriff for taking pictures inside the court room. It was a very embarrassing experience, albeit a good and funny one. In fact, this is one of the reason I would never forget being in the Opis.

Being with great and funny supervisors really made our stay in the Opis very worthwhile; in fact I don’t mind the transportation fee, because when I’m in the Opis, it feels like I’m also at home. And the best thing for me in being in the Opis, is the food. Hunger is not an option when in the office, whenever sir Ferds, or the other lawyers drop by, there’s always a pasalubong. And the best of the best things: we can take-out the rest, whether it’s yellow cab, angels’ pizza, Greenwich, or any food. During our college days, we often face many difficulties, many problems, but unto one side of the stories, there are those people, the people who help shape us into someone better. The reason why we are able to surpass this obstacles. I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank you to our wonderful supervisors, you really deserve to be called ‘supers’.