Functional Areas Of Business

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21 March 2016

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There has been an ongoing debate between enlisted members and commissioned officers of the United States Military about effective leadership and the scope of control. Enlisted Service Personnel are usually the worker bees, are not managerial in nature, with combat and field experience. Commissioned Officers are the leaders of the enlisted members. Commissioned Officers usually are the ones that can be personified as managers, with little to no field or combat experience. This debate stems from Commissioned Officers executing their managerial roles, how it affects the enlisted member, and how it effects the overall mission. Leadership, strategic planning, law, human resources management, will be utilized to analyze the role of a manager within the functional areas of business.


Most employees will follow an effective leader if the manager exudes confidence, is not a hypocrite, and believes in the organization’s mission statement wholeheartedly. The adage, ” If a manager has to claim to be a leader, it almost seems as though he or she is trying to convince themselves that they are a leader, instead of showing that the manager is capable of leading. Motivation, inspiration, and being levelheaded are great attributes in being a great leader. Managers do not have to be an efficient leader in order to get things done, however, they should know how to manage those effective and efficient leaders in order to see the project or mission through. Most effective leaders are effective by being prepared and knowledgeable with some strategic planning.

Strategic Planning

As the adhesive that was so meticulously put there to hold up that model ship which is encased in a glass bottle, there is a plethora of minutia detail that goes into planning. With regards to the military, it takes an almost insurmountable amount of planning just to execute even the smallest of missions. This component is imperative to have in the manager’s toolbox, in order to maintain the survivability of the organization. A person that fails to plan, he or she plans to fail. Managers have to stay on top of planning, even if it means that sometimes coming into the organization on weekends, or coming in earlier than their standard start time. The organization also depends deeply on the legal department to ensure that the organization will not fall privy to legal troubles.


There are legal boundaries that dictate what can or cannot take place in the business world. Businesses hire witty, educated, and self-starting legal individuals to interpret the laws. There is a ton of small laws that can get an organization in or out of legal calamity. It could be a zoning law issue, or a morality issue, or what is common with big organizations is an environment issue. Managers have to be cognizant and stay on top of these issues in order to be a successful manager. In order a successful manager, there have to be some exceptional employees. Those employees hire through Human Resources.

Human Resources Management

Filtering out among the mass applicant pool to hire the best employees that are most suited for the position, rectifying current employees pay if needed, ensuring equal opportunity to the employees are all components of what it means to be in the human resources department. Managers have a few components to deal with when it comes to human resources. According to an a Forbes’ article, administrative director at a law-firm wrote that she needed some advice. The administrator’s employee was pregnant and she wanted to find a way to fire her before the employee tells anyone. She further stated that the pregnant woman would cost the organization a temporary hire, adding that after the baby is born the pregnant woman is sure to miss work due to baby illness. (Ryan, 2014) Managers have to be aware that it is illegal to fire someone for pregnancy, and need to have the wherewithal to be firm, but understand that employees have a choice of motherhood as well as having a career. Managers in human resources can sometimes be the epitome for the managers throughout the entire organization that set the tone for the organization.

When a manager from human resources has to fire an individual, if they are not careful the methods that are used can be detrimental to the entire organization. If the manager calls, emails, or texts the individual that in two weeks time that the person will be fired or laid off, that individual now has time to sabotage, slack-off, give trade secrets to competitive organizations or do something physically harmful to himself or the people at the organization. If the manager tells the individual that is to be fired to come into the office and let’s discuss some of the options that a person may have face-to-face, makes that terminated employee somewhat at ease. The terminated employee will not have to tackle this daunting situation alone.

Supply Management

In order to stay relevant in business, managers understand that they must have quality products at a reasonable rate from their suppliers. However, when the rates are unreasonable, managers should seek out other suppliers that will accommodate the organization’s budget. “Mooney agrees that managers will usually be keen on a purchasing department that is good at finding savings. But, he warns, even this can be a double-edged sword, because they can be expected to be much less enthusiastic when it is their area of spend that is being touched upon.” (Wheatley, 2005) Managers have to be diligent and understand that the purchasing department, if not fully understood, can break the financial infrastructure of an organization.


Being a great leader will comprise of attributes such as not being temperamental, inspirational and having the ability to motivate. Being able to strategically plan has to be in the manager’s repertoire, in order to efficiently run the organization. Laws are meant to be interpreted by the legal team to ensure the organization does not end up in legal trouble. Human resource managers have to be careful with the way they handle terminating employees. Finding the best supplier with a quality product, for a reasonable price is what managers should reach for in order to have a thriving organization.

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