General Guidelines For Internship Report

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19 March 2016

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All the students are required to follow the following instructions:

Each student will have to submit the report in the recommended format.

Internship report is an individual task. One can not submit the same report as the other student, each report has to be different, even if the company is same.

The internship report should be properly typed. Submitted both in hard copy as well as soft copy.

The internship report should be original, no photocopies are accepted.

The length of your Internship Report should not exceed 5,000 words .

Use standard formal level of English (no slang or colloquialisms).

Use a good quality white bond paper.

Student should adhere to the timings for submission of report. No excuse will be entertained in any case.

Note: Delay in submission of internship report will attract


Pages must be numbered
All margins (Left, Right, Top, Bottom) must be 1 inch.
All Headings – Times New Roman 13 pts Bold
All Sub Headings – Times New Roman 13 pts Bold
All Body Text – 13 pts Times New Roman
All line spacing must be 1.5 points
Complete report and all paragraphs must be fully justified

Bind the Internship report in a suitable protective cover.


Recommended format to be followed:

1*Title page: The title page of the report will include:
a. The names of the organization
b. The name of the internee, Student ID
c. The date of the final report
d. Name of the university

2* Dedication
Write down the dedication of your internship report.

Write down the Acknowledgement for your internship report.

4*Executive Summary :
The summary is considered by many to be the most important part of a report. It is a difficult part to write and should always be written last. (normally just one page). Purpose: Provides a brief summary of the report, information abstract. No reference is made to any part of the report; a summary is complete in itself.


States the most important information in the report
The purposes, method, reason for the report
The findings, conclusions, decisions, recommendations
All major generalizations or assumptions of the report for

An Executive Summary deals with every section of the report in a short form. It can be called as micro image of the report. An executive summary is overview of the complete report which helps the reader to get quick glance at the report before reading it in detail. Everything important that you have done, discovered and concluded should be mentioned, but briefly and concisely.

5*Table of contents

List the important headings and sub headings in the report with page numbers. Also make a separate list of tables and figures in the table of contents if you have used any.

6*Brief introduction of the Organization Business Sector

Describe the Overview of the complete sector in which the organization falls according to current scenario.

*Overview of the organization
1. Brief history
2. Nature of the organization
3. Business volume
4. Product lines
5. Competitors

*Organizational structure
1. Organizational chart
2. Number of employees
3. Main offices
4. Introduction of all departments
5. Comments on the organizational structure


This is the main body of your report. You should present the activities performed during the internship period.

*Plan of your internship program
1. A brief introduction of the branch where you did your internship 2. Starting and ending dates of your internship
3. Detailed description of the departments you worked in during your internship

8.Critical analysis (An assessment of the internship)
Critical analysis of the theoretical concepts relating to practical experiences i.e. relate the theoretical concepts with your practical experience during your Internship with the Department. Remember to focus on problems raising from the Organization where internship takes place.

9. Conclusion

Finally, the conclusions from your work should be summarized. Try to avoid repetition and making this section too long; it is supposed to represent the most important findings — not every single finding!

10. Recommendations for improvement

In this section you are required to suggest a solution for all the problems or discrepancies that are found in the organization that you have pointed out in critical and SWOT analysis.

11.Reference & Sources used

In this section provide all the references and sources that you have used for data collection for your internship Report.

At the end of your report, attach all of the supportive material you have used for the preparation of your report, like any brochures, forms, newsletters, interviews, questionnaires etc.

Important Note:

*Complete all the required parts of your report.
*The student should prepare the internship report according to his/her area of study .

*The language in the report must be standard, concise, according to academic writing.

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