Generation gap

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20 February 2016

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When we talk about thinking, then in today’s fast changing scenario, the younger generation become more practical, more wild, more assertive and ambitious then the older generation. Now days, “Success” become a buzz word in between the younger generation and younger generation is trying to achieve this word at any cost. Now, the question is arises that “What is the major reason behind this deep difference?” Lots of conclusions are also there but I think over ambition, greed of money, glamour world attraction is the major reasons behind this difference. Due to these reasons, we have to face lots of problems like suicide rates have gone up, which is a matter of concern. The crime rate is also going on and it is done by between 16 to 22 years old younger children’s, which is not good at all. In most of the crimes we found that most of the students or children have done crime in the first time of their life. This is not good news at all. The cut throat competition encourages our younger peoples to develop the new strategies to take instant decisions, and decide their own future direction as they want. There is no sense of satisfaction and contentment in young generation. Now, if we are talking about older generation then in earlier, the fame, money and satisfaction was come with their maturity level and with their age also.

Older generation have more practical experience. “Famous Today, Forgotten Tomorrow” is the main aim of today’s generation. I think, this topic is an everlasting topic and a very long topic which give a lot of conclusion. We can’t deny the age factor and the age difference also but there are some factors that are responsible like today’s easy made life make younger generation life so easy. They (young people) can easily know what is the current affair, who is online, what are new invention and many more. I admit that sometime the younger generation becomes more over board but it is also important for them to respect their older generation thoughts. So, I can safely said that younger generation is far ahead than their previous generation isn’t.

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