Global Warming


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Usually when people think of global warming they think of hotter weather. This is not necessarily correct. Global warming is not something that happens over one season but happens gradually overtime. The term global warming is a bit deceptive because it leads people to believe the temperatures will get hotter, this is not the case. Climate change impacts the hydrology and biology of our planet. This can cause stormier, dryer and even in some cases, colder weather. (Maria Trimarchi, 2014)

Cultural Relativism

When we think of global warming we typically just think about how the climate change is affecting our society. We do not stop and think how the changes affect other under-developed cultures. The article discusses how many under privileged countries die a lot sooner because of climate change. Something that developed countries would not see as quickly. (Sarah DeWeerdt, 2013) Understanding that the carbons and methane we use here in the United States not only affects our air quality and climate control but can have effects in Africa and other countries.

The article discusses how the changes in weather from really dry heat to instant down pours of rain affects the agriculture. (Sarah DeWeerdt, 2013) This not only means the region experiencing this change is burdened by the increase and decrease in the climate, but countries doing import and export exchange is also affected. Ethiopia already experiences social and economical problems; climate change will make this country suffer even greater problems. National Geographic states the country already loses thousands of people a year due to effects from the climate. If global warming continues the effects would be catastrophic. (Alan Corbis, 2007)

Mechanical Social Solidarity

The term social solidarity refers to how a society unifies as a whole in aspects like interests, standards, objectives and sympathies. (Book Reference) Society can take a mechanical or organic approach to this philosophy. A mechanical solidarity society shows high emphasis on religion, society’s interest and has relatively low population rates. An example of this population group would be small tribes in Africa, Ethiopia and South America. Organic Solidarity is the complete opposite. They focus more on secular religion, material possessions, and high population and are human-oriented. The biggest example is America but you could also list China and Japan under this category. (Webster’s Dictionary)

The article discusses how global warming is caused by omissions of carbon and methane into the atmosphere. (Sarah DeWeerdt, 2013) Our bigger organic solidarity societies are causing the global warming problems for the mechanical societies. It is unfortunate that we are not only ruining the environment for ourselves but we are also ruining it for innocent bystanders. Ethiopia being one of the poorest countries is being the most hurt by our materialist greed. They do not have the resources to even try and make a difference.

Conflict Theory

Conflict theories put emphasis on social, political, or material inequalities of a social group. Conflict theories draw attention to power differentials, such as class conflict and generally contrast historical ideologies. (Book reference) Understanding conflict theory is important to see how developed countries are hurting and hindering the development of under-developed countries. Until we draw a full understanding of this, a resolution cannot occur.

The article discusses the differences and challenges under-developed countries face compared to developed countries. The risk of disease like Malaria is higher because of contamination and the inability to vaccinate. The United States faces mosquito problems but we do not have the issues of contaminated water. Plus our country also has vaccines to protect our population unlike most parts of Africa and other countries. (Sarah DeWeerdt, 2013)

The article discusses the dry temperatures will cause an increase in mosquitoes and the risk of contracting a disease from insects will increase. Vaccines are a concern but also the inability to control the insect contamination. Major countries have preventatives to control the reproduction of insects. Smaller countries do not have the means to control this growing problem. (Sarah DeWeerdt, 2013) If global warming continues to increase, so will the dangers all from all the effects.


Our planet as a whole must come up with a solution that protects everyone from the effects of global warming. The countries that pose a risk of losing the most are the ones that do not have the resources to contribute much to the solution. These are also the countries that do not contribute to the problem. Generating lower carbon and methane technology is a must. We need our government and other high power governments to increase federal funding to programs that help in promoting this technology.

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