Global warming in relation Winston Churchill’s quote on painting

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2 December 2015

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Global warming in relation Winston Churchill’s quote on painting


       In day-to-day life, challenges are common undertaking. However, some challenges are difficult to handle and it might be impossible to get a solution although their experience is worth in life. Increasing temperatures is one of the major challenges affecting the world. This was evident during vacation from the experience of high temperatures that resulted to uncomfortable spending. It was thought that the temperatures would decrease with time but as the fall approached the higher, they became. According to Friedman, (8) the world is becoming hotter because of global warming gases that are on increase. Both developed countries have tried to address the issue of global warming. Winston Churchill quote on painting is analogous to the ever-increasing temperatures and other effects such as hurricanes, drought, strong winds, floods in the world that are caused by high levels of global warming gases the world increasing commitment to address the issue despite no promising result that the problem will end. Although the world has made significant progress in addressing the issues of global warming through environmental movement and policies to reduce emission of greenhouse gases by developed countries, there seem to be no permanent solution to the problem especially with changing world economy to industrialization.

       With the introduction of industrialization in the world, the world economy started changing from agricultural-dependent to manufacturing. The manufacturing economy was marked by use of machines that used fuel such as steam, oil, coal, and electricity. As a result, there was high emission of green house gases such as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that led to global warming, which is the key cause of the rising temperatures in the world and other effects such as drought, floods, strong wings, hurricanes (27). The temperatures have increased over the years and especially in the 21st century. The increasing temperatures have led to the world becoming hot, which was one of the worst experiences in summer. One would think that the following day the temperatures would be falling but unfortunate the hotter it become. The world commitment to address global warming is heightening despite the unpromising solution to the problem.

       The world has formed environmental movements to address the alarming effects of global warming. These movements include the Kyoto protocol, United Nations environmental committee, and other environmental organizations. They have discussed measures and developed strategies to reduce the greenhouse gases in developed countries in order to counter the effects of global warming. Countries under the Kyoto protocol agreed to reduce the greenhouse gases by 5% by year 2020. In addition, there was notable decrease of green house gases during the implementation of Kyoto protocol. Consequently, developing countries joined hands for the fight against global warming. The formation of these movements and agreement for member states to implement the policies was seen as progress toward the reduction of green house gases and significant decrease in global temperatures.

       The Kyoto protocol and the climate change program led by United Nations framework convention have achieved most of their global warming goals by reducing the emissions of green house gases in countries like United States, Denmark and others. Consequently, more countries have continued to join Kyoto protocol and other environmental organizations to fight global warming. In addition, carbon free goods have been introduced in various markets in Europe and other continents to ensure that less greenhouse gases are emitted in the atmosphere. Other countries like United States have introduced electric vehicles that do not emit greenhouse gases. These initiatives coupled to many others have led to reduction of global warming gases in the atmosphere thus giving hope for the combating global warming.

       Despite the promising agreements and states’ willingness to implement the policies, the world is still recording high levels of green house gases in the atmosphere. There has been high emission of the gases in developed countries and other countries that are joining the industrialised world. As a result, global warming effects have been on the rise and major catastrophic events have been on the rise. For example, hurricanes, flooding, drought has been on increase compared to decades ago. According to Friedman (148) hurricanes and droughts have been unusual recently due to increasing temperature that have been caused by people. Another challenge to the notable progress in addressing the global warming is the withdrawal of countries from the environmental movements. For example, New Zealand government made a decision not to renew its membership for Kyoto protocol come year 2015. The move will deny it from accessing carbon free market, which might trigger the rise of the green house gases in the country and consequence increase of global warming in the world.

       The initiative by the world to address the global warming challenge through environmental organizations such as United Nations and Kyoto protocol is a progress toward reduction of green house gases as depicted in Churchill’s quote on painting. Consequently, the commitment of the countries to reduce the emission of the green house gasses by 5% by year 2020 is a fruitful step of the initial progress. Moreover, the achievement of the world to avoid more than 1.5 billion tonnes of green house gases (CO2) is a fruitful step and ever improving global warming fight (410). The ever-increasing support of reducing greenhouse gases by different countries and continents is another move that indicating fruitful step. In The introduction of electric motor vehicles and carbon, free market in most of the countries is an ever-lengthening step. In addition, the global reduction of greenhouse gases level is another ever-improving step and ever-ascending order. However, the withdrawal of countries like New Zealand is a drawback to the problem coupled to few countries that have relaxed restrictions on carbon emission. Moreover, the increasing numbers and strength of hurricanes, strong winds and floods in America and Europe is an indication that the problem of global warming may never end (80). However, the increasing research and introduction of carbon free markets and achievement of reduced greenhouse gases levels in the world give the joy of every trying to address the global warming issue.


       The global warming issues in the world that s been experienced through increased temperatures, increased number of hurricanes, strong winds, and floods and the world’s effort to combat it through various measures is analogous to Churchill’s quote on painting. Although there have been progress day by day, the problem seem like it will never have an end. However, the increased research and approaches being used to address the problems gives joy of some achievements. Consequently, the experience of increased temperatures during summer vacation reflects the effects of global warming and that despite the world commitment the temperature seems to be ever increasing.


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