Good citizen

A Good citizen is one who knows his rights and duties as a citizen to maintain his/her rights and perform duties with interest . political rights consist of rights to vote, right to freedom of expression, civil rights are of as vital importance as the political rights.

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A good citizen defend his political and civil rights very zealously the state help him in the threw of law and justice. Violation of the rights should be punished by the law. good citizen must remember that the right and duties are equal to every one . they must not have bad habits . A citizen free to organize his/ her life as he/she likes. but freedom doesn’t mean a citizen can built a house any where . Even it does not mean the house are build in any way a citizen want. it must be built in a perfect way. A citizen cannot throw a garbage or refuse staff out of house any where he/ she likes to. It allows them to shout or make noise at midnight. if they get right to do it, it denies your neighbor rights to sleep properly. so a citizen must retain some discipline. as a good citizen a person have some responsibilities and duties toward the society. A good citizen must not let the poverty percentage higher and literacy percentage lower . A good citizen must have faith and trust on neighbor or society peoples, they should have care for each other when someone get ill or infected by some other diseases. He /She must not let any talent go to waste . it will be a lost for the society and country as well.

A good citizen talk in a very well manner with everyone and respect the law and government officer who tries to maintain the law and order .he/she must always pay tax to the government and does not try to evade tax, as it is a evil crime indeed. He/she must know that his own good is linked with the good of other. A good citizen should never favor the evil works like giving bribe to the government office worker for his/her own private work.

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