Google’s Country Experience Case Study

The well-known online search engine Google still being used in mainland of China, even they shut down the “Google China” service. Chinese sometime prefer to use “Google Hong Kong” instead. The reason of that is Google provides results of search more reliable and efficiency. However, Google still quitted the market of China.

The work progress of search engine is more complicate than just search the key-words. The key-words could be link to every websites that used the word, sometime it just have nothing to do with the main point. According to Curt Franklin, the search engine’s works basically performs three tasks: ( Search the Internet, or select pieces of the internet based on important words. Keep an index of the words they found, and where they found them. Allow user to look for words or combinations of words found in that index. In that index, they don’t only sort the websites by key words, but also by contents. So each time we search something by words, in order to get what exactly we need, the system would find out more results that link to these words in the index. That’s how that’s how sometime we got results helpful but have no same key words with what we typed in.

Search engines always provide free search experience for users; they make money from other websites. For websites, of no one check on at all, that won’t be necessary to exist. Search engines are just a good way to bring those websites in front of people’s eyes. According to Grant Crowell, there are a lot ways to make money for a search engine website. They can all sort into 3 aspects: ( Provide unique search technologies, a search engine has to consider what differentiates its search product from others. And they can sell the technologies to others. Commercial search results, which means those websites they can pay to the search engine for raise their websites’ shown on the result list. Advertising, provide advertise link which about what users search out of the search results. One step further, search engines could build some partnerships with a diversity of vendors, partners,products, and sales channels. However, as the internet getting bigger, Google grew bigger. Today’s Google is not just a search engines.

We could find news, music, movies channels on it. Google system on cellphone is still in competition with Apple’s IOS IPhone system. Lately, with internet going everywhere in our life, Google’s own laptop system has become more popular. Which has no hard drive, everything saves on Google cloud. Obviously, the ways Google make money are more than we can imagine. The search engines have high exportability in every country as long as they use internet there. It like a transportation industry, no matter what people do, they need transportation to move their goods. Search engines are just “transportations” which bring the websites with information that user need to them. It’s good to bring the technology into a new area; it may improve internet users’ experience. The business model for Google or others search engines basically is selling advertises on search results. But these advertises are going to be useful based on what users searched. There are users looking for information, and also organizations which trying to giving information. The search engines give user search result and there advertisings about what they need to them, and get paid from these organization who post those advertising.