1.According to Hasselstrom, why does she carry a gun? In one sentence, summarize her rationale. – She carries a gun for self-protection, which provides a personal measure of safety for her.

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2. List the specific events that led to Hasselstrom to her decision to carry a gun. -Living alone in a deserted area, being stopped on a bridge by 4 men, being harassed while camping with a friend, coming home one night when she thought that someone had been in her house.

3. Other than carrying a gun, what means of protecting herself did Hasseltrom try? Why did she find them unsatisfactory? Can you think of other strategies she could have adopted instead of carrying a gun? -Deodorant spray cans (since mace was illegal), kung fu classes (would have to practice several hours a day to be good, and very good at self-defense). -She was very careful about her surroundings, the only thing else I could think of would be getting a roommate or moving to a safer place.

4. Where is the essay does Hasseltrom express her reluctance to carry a gun? -In paragraph 25 when she says that “the pacifist inside me will be saddened if the only way a woman can achieve equality is by carrying weapons.”

5. In paragraph 13, Hasselstrom says “gun possession might increase your danger-unless you know you can use it.” Where else does she touch on the possible pitfalls of carrying a gun? -In paragraph 26 “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

6. What does Hasselstrom mean when she says, “The pistol just changed the balance of power “(24)? -That even though a man might be stronger then she is, she feels as strong as a man and more confident when she has her gun.


1.How does paragraph 1 establish Hasselstrom’s purpose for writing this essay? What other purpose might she have? -That she is a peaceful non-violent woman, but wants to justify why she carries a gun. 2. What purpose does paragraph 5 serve? Is it necessary?

-The purpose was to explain how dangerous her town could be for a women, and she wanted to give a real life example of what could have happens even when you call for help and you are by yourself.

3. Do you think this essay is aimed at a particular gender? If so, do you think it is directed at men or women? Why? -I think this essay is aimed more toward women. Everything she talks about seems like it would appeals more toward women than men. 4. Do you think Hasselstrom expects her readers to agree with her position? Where does she indicate that she expects them to challenge her? How does she address this challenge? -No, I think she expects her readers to see her point of view on the situation she is in.


1.This essay is written in the first person, and it relies heavily on personal experience. Do you see this as strength or a weakness? Explain. -I see this more as a weakness. She could have included statistics which would have made her essay more credible instead of relying only on personal experiences.

2. What is the main cause in this cause and effect essay- that is, what is the most important reason Hasselstrom gives for carrying a gun? Can you identify and contribution causes? -The most important reason she gives for carrying a gun would be the unfortunate dangerous situations that she has been in, and wanting a way to feel safe when she is by herself.

3. Could you argue that simply being a woman if justification enough for carrying a gun? Do you think this is Hasselstrom position? Explain. -I personally cannot argue that just being a woman is reason enough to carry a gun, but I can relate to why she would want to. I believe from the experiences she has had, she has good reason to want a way to protect her.

4. Think of Hasseltroms essay as the first step in a possible casual chain. What situations might result from her decision to carry a gun? -She might feel threatened when there is actually no threat being made, and might shoot an innocent person just on feeling scared.

5. In paragraph 25, Hasselstrom says “the pacifist inside me will be saddened if the only way a women can achieve equality is by carrying weapons.” In her title and elsewhere in the essay, Hasselstrom characterizes herself as a “peaceful women.” Do you think she is successful in portraying herself as a peaceful-loving woman why only reluctantly carries a gun? -Yes, I do believe she is a peaceful person, who lives in a not so safe town, and who wouldn’t carry a gun if she didn’t feel she needed to.

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