Have people become overly dependently on technology

A lot of people will deny the fact that technology isn’t a dependency. Technology realistically is something our generation believes we cannot live without. Even though technology benefits our lives greatly, sometimes it’s too much. Technology governs us from the moment we wake up, with an alarm, to the moment we want to lay down and relax, with some television. For example the moments I have forgotten my phone at home I feel a sense of emptiness, I even feel imaginary vibrations from time to time.

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“I’ll just Google it”. I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve heard people say that phrase. It’s such a convenience to type something in our phone or computer and in seconds get the answer we were looking for. Before you would have to actually find a library and read on the subject now it’s just a click away. Technology to me is like a crutch on learning. I have friends that don’t even pay attention in class or do anything in school and when you ask them about home work their answer is ill just Google it when I get home.

Our generation has become boring in a sense. Our idea of fun is texting, tweeting, posting and editing pictures. Very rarely do you see anyone out playing a sport or actually interacting as a group, except maybe in a club and even with that you see them detached from society and on their phone. Also, dating is done now days on a computer. I can’t begin to name how many sites there are to find a partner. Good morning texts are a sign of being “romantic” in our generation, there is no such thing as an actual loving gesture. You don’t get to know someone anymore by going out on dates or talking face to face now all the interaction is done by texting, when you actually get to see the person you read all you need to know because of the constant texting.

If you give me and address and I don’t have my cell phone with my GPS I will never get to where I have to be. Almost no one now days can get from one point to the other without a GPS. Unlike our generation, my mother’s generation for explain, you can give them an address and most of them will know how to get to the address with no problem. They did not need to depend on technology.

After my research on this topic it’s become very, but very clear that our generation definitely lets technology run their lives. Imagine something happens and all technology was terminated, I don’t know where we would put our self with the dependency we have with our phones, computers, GPS, and televisions. Yes, technology make life easier and faster but sometimes easier and faster isn’t the best thing.

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