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Check the suitability of an individual’s clothing and footwear for safety and mobility. When I go into a client’s house on a morning I get out clean clothes for that day for the client to put on, as I get the clothes out I check that the clothes are in good condition and that the clothes are the right size for the client. I recently went to dress the client, I went to put some trousers on the client but the trousers were too small so I explained to the client that these weren’t suitable as she would be uncomfortable all day so I looked for a bigger pair of trousers for the client to wear. I got a bigger pair of trousers out and they fit ok. 2.4 check the safety and cleanliness of mobility equipment and appliances. I went into a client’s house where the client uses an electric hoist, the hoist was plugged in on charge I took the hoist off charge and made sure the remote buttons worked correctly as they should and they did, I went to put the sling on the client and noticed a dirty mark on the sling, the client has a spare sling so I put the dirty sling in the wash and used the clean sling, then carried out the rest of my call.

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Give feedback and encouragement to the individual during mobility activities. One of the clients I go to uses a Zimmer frame and recently had a fall so she is less confident at working. I assist the client to stand up and hold the Zimmer frame I then guide the client by holding her back to keep her steady on her feet, I talk to client while she’s walking encouraging her to take it slowly and steady, this makes her feel better as she’s not being rushed. I guide the client by telling her to move one foot at a time and when she reaching the dining room and sits down, she tells me that she will get better at walking I say to the client that she has done really well and that all she has to do is take her time and not rush it.

Support the individual to prepare to eat and drink, in a way that meets their personal needs and preferences. I went into the clients house for their lunch call, the client is unable to prepare or make the meal for themselves, I take out a selection of meals for the client to choose from, the client chooses a meal and I make it for them, I ask the client what drink he would like and I make it, while the lunch is cooking I support the client to walk through to the kitchen table where he eats his meals. I make sure he his comfy, he gets his own cutlery from the table and puts a napkin on his shirt. I then serve lunch.

Adapt support in response to an individual’s feedback or observed reactions while eating and drinking. I went into a client’s home and prepared the meal of their choice, I served the meal. I client is very independent and likes to feed themselves however the client was struggling to use a folk as the food kept falling off, I suggested if the client wanted to use a spoon and the client agreed. The client was then still struggling so I offered my help to the client, I put food on the spoon for the client to just pick up and eat off the spoon, the client still had their independence as they were still feeding themselves.

Encourage an individual to communicate their needs, preferences and personal beliefs affecting their personal care. I went into a client’s house for their morning call to help wash and dress, I assist the client into the bathroom, the client then tells me she can manage to wash herself she just needs me to wash her back, the client fills the sink and starts to wash herself, I say to the client do you want me to make your bed while your washing yourself she replies yes, so I go and make the bed I also do this to give the client some privacy, then client then calls me to say she’s ready for me to wash her back so I do this, I support her into the bedroom to get dressed I go to put her bra on but she stops me and says she does it a different way, I then support her getting the rest of her clothes on.

Ensure room and water temperatures meet individual needs preferences for washing, bathing and mouth care. I ran the bath for a client and made sure the water wasn’t too cold or too hot the client got into the bath but he prefers the water to be quite hot so he asked me to put the hot tap on for a bit which I did then client told me to turn the tap off when he felt the water was suitable for him which again I did. A client required mouth care the client was able to respond to me so I asked the client how they would prefer the water either cold or cooled boiled water they prefer cold so I got this for them then carried out giving them mouth care.

Ensure toiletries, materials and equipment is in reach of the individual. When giving the client a bath he can manage to wash himself, while running the bath I get out all the toiletries he uses and put them in a suitable place for him to reach them while he’s in the bath.

Dispose of food waste promptly and safely.
At a client’s house I made homemade mince and potatoes, with all the peeling from the carrots and potatoes and put them into the kitchen bin them emptied the kitchen bin into the outside bin.

Store different types of food and drink safely.

I went into a clients house and a family member had just arrived with some shopping, I put the shopping away making sure all the frozen stuff went into the freezer and all the chilled stuff in the fridge, there was some raw meat which I placed on the bottom shelf in the fridge. All tinned food was placed in the cupboard in the kitchen.

Support an individual to understand factors that contribute to good personal hygiene. I went into a clients home to support with personal care. The client is still very independent and only requires support when needed. The client went into the bathroom and started filling the sink with water and got the wash bag ready, I checked the water was at a right temperature, I mentioned to the client that the water was quite cold and suggested putting more hot water in as this will give a better wash, the client agreed and started to carry out the personal care. I reminded the client to use the soap to make her feel clean properly, the client got washed and dried and applied talc and deodorant to herself.

Address personal hygiene issues with the individual in a sensitive manner without imposing own values. I went into a client’s home to carry out personal care, the client is bed bound and requires full support with personal care, I greeted the client and told him I was going to give him a wash and freshen him up into clean pjs, the client refused and said he wasn’t dirty, i said to the client that he hadn’t a wash for the past 2 days and that he had his breakfast around his mouth, the client then agreed to wash and get freshened up, I told the client that its important to wash
regularly as it could affect his skin if its not cleaned regularly.

Support the individual to develop awareness of the effects of poor hygiene on others. While I was giving personal care to the man I was explaining to him the effects of poor hygiene, I explained that its important to wash daily and to change clothes daily, I also mentioned when using the toilet to wash hands after as it spread germs and that it wouldn’t be nice for others to catch germs.

Support the preferences and needs of the individual while maintaining their independence. I went into a clients home to support with personal care, it was my first visit to the clients home, the client showed me to the bathroom where she would get washed, I filled the sink up for the client as she only wanted a full body wash, the client then ask me to put some body wash into the water as this is what she prefers to wash with, which I did the client then got ready to wash I asked the client if she needed any help the client said she could manage but let me wash her back as she couldn’t reach.

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