Health Care Information Systems

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30 March 2016

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Health Care Information Systems Terms

Define the following terms. Your definitions must be in your own words; do not copy them from the textbook.

After you define each term, describe in 40 to 60 words the health care setting in which each term would be applied. Include at least two research sources to support your position—one from the University Library and the other from the textbook. Cite your sources in the References section consistent with APA guidelines.

|Term |Definition |How It Is Used in Health Care | |Health Insurance Portability and |This is a federal law that was passed in |HIPAA is used in Health care to help keep | |Accountability Act |1996 that will protect the continuousness |patient information private and secure. | | |of health coverage when a patient changes |HIPPA ensures that all patient health | | |or loses their job which can limit the |information is being stored in a secure | | |health plan exclusions for preexisting |location and only authorized staff should | | |medical conditions that require the patient|be able to access this information. If this| | |medical information to be kept private and |information is not protected the health | | |secure. |care organization can face fines and | | | |penalties (Wager,, Lee,, Glaser,, & Burns,,| | | |2009). This term will be applied to the | | | |whole health care facility. | |Electronic medical record |Is an electronic record of a patient’s |The electronic medical record will be used | | |health related information which can be |in the health care setting each and every | | |created, gathered, and managed by |time the patient visits the health care | | |authorized clinicians and staff within the |organization. This is how providers are | | |health care organization. |able to keep up with the services and | | | |procedures that patients receive every time| | | |they are seen by a provider. This term will| | | |be used I billing and coding and | | | |departments as well as medical records that| | | |may need to check patient status or | | | |allergies. |

|Electronic health record |Is an electronic record of health related |The electronic health record is a record | | |information on an individual that conforms |that can be seen at multiple health care | | |to nationally recognized health information|facilities at one time. When this | | |standards and that can be created, managed,|information is sent to different providers | | |and revised by authorized staff in more |it is encrypted in the event someone that | | |than one location. |is not authorized has access to it they | | | |will not get patient information that | | | |should be private. | |Personal health record |Is an electronic record of health related |Personal health record is the health record| | |information on a patient. This information |of the patient which the patient has | | |can come from different facilities that |control over. The patient can get health | | |the patient may have been seen at. And the |information from different providers and |

| |information can be managed, shared, and |share this information as they see fit. The| | |controlled by the patient. |personal health record may have some health| | | |information that the patient may feel the | | | |new provider does not need to see in order | | | |to treat them. This will be for the patient| | | |to disclose with the provider and then the | | | |provider may add this information to the | | | |patients chart. | |Computerized provider order entry system |Is a system that allows users to |This computerized provider entry system | | |electronically write orders, maintain the |lets providers monitor the patient’s | | |online medication administration record, |medication distribution. Providers and | | |and go over changes made to an order by |authorized staff are able to write | | |authorized personnel. |prescriptions for patients and track | | | |previous prescriptions. Providers will be | | | |able to see how long it’s been since they | | | |filled a prescription for a patient.

This | | | |will be applied at the health care | | | |organization. | |Unique patient identifier |Is a system that uses information such as |The unique patient identifier lets | | |the patient’s date of birth to create a |provider’s look at patient health care | | |unique code that is reported instead of the|information without having to use patient | | |patient’s name. |personal information to identify them. This| | | |helps the organization stay in compliance | | | |since according to HIPAA all patient | | | |information must be secure and kept | | | |private. This will be used any place in the| | | |health care organization where a patient’s | | | |chart will need to pulled or looked up. | |Protected health information |Is any identifiable health information. |Protected health information is the | | |Individually identifiable health |patient’s personal information such as date| | |information is that which can be linked to |of birth social security number and even | | |a particular person such as date of birth, |their address where they reside.

This | | |address, and social security number. |information needs to be in a secure | | | |location at all times. The data entry | | | |person will have access to this information| | | |as well as the billers and coders in a | | | |health care organization.

| |Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services |Is a federal agency within the United |The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid | | |States Department of Health and Human |Services set the pace on how and what other| | |Services that administers the Medicare |insurance companies will be expected to | | |program and work in Medicaid. |cover depending on the patients plan. This | | | |will be used all over the health care | | | |facility to make sure everyone is always in| | | |compliance with state and federal laws. | |Covered entities |Is three specific groups including health |With covered entities this will apply to | | |plans, health care, clearinghouses, and |anyone who is authorized to access patient | | |health care providers that transmit health |information and is sharing patient health | | |information electronically. |with other parties inside and outside of | | | |the health care organization.

Is | | | |information is used inappropriately the | | | |health care organization will be | | | |responsible and could face penalties and | | | |fines. | |Health information exchange |Is the process of sharing electronic health|Health information exchange can happen when| | |information between health care |two health care organizations or facilities| | |organizations. When sharing this |need to share information about a patient | |

|information staff should make sure they are|(Morrisey, 2011). Depending on how the | | |sharing in a way that will protect the |information is sent it must be encrypted so| | |confidentiality and privacy of the patient.|hackers are able to identify the | | | |information being transferred. | | | | | | | | |


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