Henry Ford

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19 February 2016

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Henry Ford made many contributions to the American economy during the 1920’s. He was a very skilled and intelligent man at that. Henry was born into an Irish immigrant family on a farm in Wayne County, Michigan. He became Chief engineer of the Edison Company in Detroit during 1888. In 199 he organized that Detroit auto mobile and in 1903 he introduced the ford motor company model T manufactured in 1908. He was believed to sponsor the development of the moving assembly line in 1914. Henry Ford made a major contribution to American society with several things such as the car industry, assembly line, and the way he treated his workers.

After several trial of building cars and companies in 1903, Henry established the Ford motor company and introduced the Model T in 1908. During Henrys explosion of success he said “There are two ways of making money- one at the expense of other, the other by service to one another” (Burg 39). This quote by Henry showed that henry didn’t care about just making money, he cared about giving the people what they wanted then making money of the idea of that. Growing up and understanding the ways of life, I have come to the conclusion that you get absolutely nowhere in life without having a set career that you will love and enjoy. I have come to like various types of careers that I will enjoy and that I am good at as of right now. I would like to start off by telling you all of the careers I would like to acquire. Since I’m good at talking to people and helping them, I have chosen my first choice as a psychiatrist. I, also, love animals and would love to become a veterinarian. Because I want to make a difference and help others, I would like to become a surgeon. I will start off by telling you about each description with various information. I would love to become a psychiatrist. They have everything there is to offer if you shared the same interests as me. They analyze a patient’s medical history from the beginning, their medical allergies, physical condition, and examination results to make sure the patient is to have the most proper attention. They examine patients to obtain information on medical conditions. Most importantly they diagnose their patients with the correct diagnose. The counsel patients and analyze their mental disorder to discuss with psychologists, social workers, psychiatric nurses and other professionals.

The education to become a psychiatrists it is requires to graduate college, get your master’s degree, Ph.D., M.D,, or J.D. The most a psychiatrist will make in a year would be up to a median of $180,000. This occupation employee on an average of 1,700 people in Pennsylvania. From all of the information I shared with you from above, becoming a psychiatrist is definitely number one on my list. What is a veterinarian? A Veterinarian is a doctor who diagnoses and treats diseases and dysfunctions of an animal. They research develop certain things of the animals. They could inspect livestock. Veterinarians exam and determine that diseases or injuries of the animal. Provide care to a wide verity of animals such a horses or exotic birds. They also educate the public about diseases that can be spread from animals to humans. Being a veterinarian seems like a tough job. From having to attend tons of meetings, lectures, conferences, and still having to continue education courses. To become a veterinarian you must graduate college, get your master’s degree, Ph.D., M.D., or J.D. you would making between $55,820 and $148,290 a year. In 2008, this occupation employed at least 2,700 people in Pennsylvania. To become a veterinarian would be so wonderful just because I love and care about animals so much. Helping a person is the most important thing a person can do. I don’t know about anyone else but when I help someone it makes me feel so much better about myself just because I know that person is happy because I helped them. That’s why I chose to become a surgeon. There are so many pros to becoming a surgeon. I would say the only consequence on becoming a surgeon would have to be having someone die while they’re in surgery. A surgeon treats diseases, helps the injured and most importantly keeps a person living. They always analyze a patient’s medical history, medication allergies, physical condition, and exam the patient to get the correct results before surgery.

To become a surgeon you have to have active listening, I think for someone to have active listening is the most important thing just because if you’re not paying attention to one thing a person says, that could mess up your whole surgical procedure. You have to have critical thinking, use logic and reasoning to identify strengths and weakness of solutions when it comes to problems. All of the reasons above explain everything I’m good at or at least want to become good at that’s why I want to become a surgeon. While researching all of the possible careers I could acquire I have come to realize that not only is having a career so important to the society, but you also have to enjoy the career you choose. If you do not choose the career you are fond of you will most likely end up miserable having to go to work every single day. That is why I have chosen three careers, I have about every quality or hope to have that these careers need. I would love to become a psychiatrist. Becoming a veterinarian would be important to me because I care so much for animals. Also, if I was to become a surgeon it would be a job I would enjoy just because I would be saving lives and helping the common wealth of people. Prohibition began on January 16, 1920 and went on until the early 1930’s. During the Great Depression whiskey could be prescribed from a medical doctor. It was meant to just be for medical purposes, and if not the use of alcohol was illegal. In October 1929 the stock market crashed. A lot of people lost a lot of money. Most people also lost their houses. Marriages were torn apart, because of the lack of money. During high school everyone should at least have a vague idea of the career path they chose to take. In my perspective of life, it is all about risk. If you are not taking risks and doing something out of the box, you are not having fun, you are just an average ordinary person. As Jane Goodall has always said “If you really want something, and really work hard, and take advantage of opportunities, and never give up, you will find a way. “ I have lived off of that quote because there is always something that everyone wants in life, and if you do not take advantage of your opportunities how are you supposed to accomplish what you want? There is one certain career that I want and I know that I would enjoy and love doing. Growing up I have always had a strong love for animals and I have always wanted to travel to extraordinary places. I could not imagine life without animals; they make the world a better place. Not only do I love just domestic animals, I’ve always have been intrigued by exotic animals.

Have you ever wondered how exotic species act in the habitat that you are not familiar with? I think it would be a magnificent job to be an exotic veterinarian traveling the world bringing animals back to health one by one. Since I plan to become an exotic veterinarian there are several of things I will need to accomplish and require before getting licensed. I must have tons of knowledge. For example, you must know biology, customer and personal service, medicine and dentistry, mathematics – arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics; chemistry, English language. Also the skills that are required to become a veterinarian are as such; science, active listening, critical thinking, speaking, judgment and decision making, also reading comprehension. In my personal opinion everything should be basic knowledge. During my years of high school I should be taking all of the science classes that are available, I should also be taking tons of math courses and all should be higher level courses. Because I took higher level courses in high school, once it is my time to attend college I will have the basic knowledge of the classes that I am required to take in order to become an exotic veterinarian. It is required that you have a 4 year bachelor’s degree as well as your veterinarian doctorate degree. Exotic veterinary hospitals also offer residency programs for those interested in specializing in the discipline. Veterinarians must obtain state licensure to practice medicine on domestic, farm and exotic animals. That means that you must pass the Veterinary Licensing Exam in order to become a veterinarian. There are many job offerings to become an exotic veterinarian every year. There are tons of colleges that are recommended for this type of career or occupation. The University of Kentucky is known for what a great veterinarian program that they have. That would be a wonderful university to attend. There are many other universities that are just as good as Kentucky University; however that is the college that I want to apply to. Approximately 80 percent of admitted students in veterinary schools are female.

Veterinarian came from the Latin word meaning “working animals”. In the life of an exotic veterinarian working with wildlife animals, every day is a surprise with a new adventure included within the day. Approximately 80 percent of veterinarians work in private clinical practice. Any ordinary veterinary hangs out in an office all day every day with the likely hood of the most craziest thing he/she would do in one day is deworm a dog. The types of countries that I would like to travel would be Africa, Australia, India, etc. I would like to have a life worth living with people recognizing who I am and what great things I have accomplished. The starting salary for a Specialist is US$ 150,000. I would be making tons of money as well as enjoying my job.

After researching and finding more and more knowledge about an exotic veterinarian I have become much more aware of the career I would like to further in. Not only do I have more knowledge but a better understanding of the classes, people, and things I might see and do in the near future. I wouldn’t want to change my career for anything; I have my mind set on becoming and exotic veterinary. I also am much more excited about different information I have come to realize about an exotic veterinary. There is not one normal day in the life of an exotic veterinarian, and that’s what I would want my life to be like. You’re not realistically living if you don’t have an exciting adventurous life, in my opinion.

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