High School Reflection

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23 February 2016

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Final Reflection

“Without struggle there’s no progress” was the quote I looked up to through out my high school experience. As I woke up every morning I hated the fact that I had to go to Warren Easton and feel stressed about it. The only positive aspects I thought about were “you have to graduate, and prove society wrong”. From the first day I stepped into the halls of Warren Easton, I felt over worked, but very confident. The whole idea of being in high school was great, but the work that sat in my face was not. But hey, that’s high school right? At Warren Easton I had so many incredible, emotional, enjoyable, and most outrageous memories while being a student at Warren Easton. Everyday on the announcements I had to be attentive to my principle, Mrs. Medley, badger my peers about uniforms, being on time, and respecting others. If it wasn’t for Mrs. Medley and administration being there to harass us everyday of the year I wouldn’t have learned responsibilities, cause in reality it would have been much more worst. One solution that I will always remember from over the years of high school was how lazy I was. Being lazy from my freshman to junior year really took a toll on me once I became a senior. I was always so stressed out and overwhelmed by the work because I had to force myself to get the work done, and on time. Throughout my hectic high school years I have also grown a lot personally and socially. As a freshman I was one of the shy people that sat in the back of the library everyday. I didn’t communicate much sense I didn’t know anyone that well, but now that I am a senior I am far from shy. High school has showed me that you have to keep positive people around you no matter what because they’ll always be somebody negative around that wants to bring you down mentally telling you can’t, or you’ll never succeed. Everything that I’ve been told positively I will take it into consideration and apply it to my life. Moreover, the most interacting and fun I had from my junior to senior year for being in the allied health program with Nurse Ferrand. In Allied health we learned about the different fields that involved medicine, interacting with patients, needles, and even drawing blood. In my senior year I got the chance to be enrolled into a nursing program at NANA (nursing assistant network association). In this program we became certified in CNA (certified nursing assistant), Phlebotomy (blood letting or introduce fluid), and even EKG Technician (performing diagnostic tests to access the heart rhythm and rate in patients). What I like most about this program is that I will have a good job while I am in college. This program also showed me responsibility and dedication. I can honestly say the classes weren’t easy, but I managed to get my schoolwork, and nursing work done and complete on time. In conclusion, I can honestly say that high school was like a roller coaster. I’ve learned so much in these short four years, and I’m truly going to miss it dearly. I will take everything that I’ve learned and apply it to my life after I graduate. Of course I still have plenty to learn, but I feel like I have accomplished one of my first biggest accomplishments in my life. But ill always remember, “Without struggle there’s no progress”.

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