Higher Education and the American Dream: Success and Its Discontents

Is  College necessary?

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            It is true that a college may favor or not favor some victims. This means that it is not an assurance if you complete your college level you get a white collar job. This is not the case. However, it will depend on how one takes his/her time to associate with working class person and also to give voluntary service to the companies and government corporation. According to Baker it is very important for the child to attend basic education in the age of six years, he says that the child during this age is being prepared psychologically on how to move on to the next academic level. Additionally, Baker brings out another crucial sense why it is important to go to the college after graduating the high school. Baker says that colleges are preparing a student not only to get well-paying job but also, on how as a student one can business oriented person. Very important issue here is that a college graduate student can be compared with primary or high school student in terms of thinking capacity.

            College is not worth some time for some people. Meaning that in a society some people tend to have very little education but, their way of living is luxurious. However, this will depend on one’s fortune. Another factor that might make people look down to the college is family background(Charles chpt8). Some families are very rich such that they do not push their kids to go for further studies but, rather after completing their high school education they are given capital to start their own business or even they inherit some of their family business. So, college may not be very important to such people because the aim of going for higher education is only to have good living standards. Therefore, if one gets a good amount of dollars that can sustain him/her then there is no need to go to college.

            In the past century, education was not highly valued in many countries. This was because many people had inherited big wealth from their forefathers. Therefore, they tend to depend on those properties for their upkeep, unlike this 21st century where is only depends on how one struggles to be able to sustain himself. In the past century, technology had not improved like the this century thus people had limited resource in education, for instance, less developed countries(Lazerson chpt12). Hence, the aim of going to colleges was not there. However, going to college to further studies is a great idea in order to increase knowledge and be conversant with the current trend on technology that is not taught in primary and high school level.

In conclusion, college education is very important to the graduates. It is observed that graduates are not enrolled to colleges in order to secure themselves or to go for well-paying job, but they do so in order to be civilized. They are also equipped with knowledge that helps them to run their own business. In fact, college education has a lot of benefits. Finally, it is wise to be a college graduate rather than having basic education (primary and high school).


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