The politics of Latino faith: Religion, identity, and urban community

Historical site

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            Historic sites are places well known for materials that are rich in political, cultural, military or social life history. These materials have been conserved due to their cultural heritage relevance. I have always had a sentimental longing of visiting historical sites since my childhood and out of this affection, I resolved to pay a visit to the Empire State Building.

            Out of my enthusiasm, I couldn’t wait to travel all the way to the Midtown of Manhattan in the New York City where the Empire State Building, the skyscraper, is situated in. The empire state building, first established in 18th century in a farm that was owned by John Thompson stands at the height of approximately 1254 ft together with its antennae spire at its top. .I was so delighted, a building that is designed in a unique Deco style that resembles the architecture of the pre-world second war. I must confidently say that the Empire state building actually defines the personality of the city in the current epoch that we are living in. There is a culture that there is an ape that climbs to the spire under the fear of being confined by other animals but falls after being hit by planes. These distinctive features have drawn the attention of many people in many nations rendering it an historical site.

            The empire state building is owned by Empire State Realty Trust with Antony Malkin being the Chief Executive Officer. . There are several TV broadcasters and FM radio stations as well. Movie actors are also popular in the Empire State Building. Overwhelming features such as the colorful antennae have led to several films being shoot in this building. King Kong is a well known movie that features the Empire State Building.

            Some events have occurred at the site. There was a plane crash that occurred back in 1945 whereby a pilot crashed into the Empire building after getting disoriented by fog on his way causing an explosion that led to the death of a few people as a result of the fumes that were hurtled into the building. The site is important to the politics of America in that it was established during the reign of President Herbert Hoover. Political campaigns are held in this building. Prominent political leaders regularly hold meetings in the Empire State Building. Some elections are held in the Empire State Building. Elections that led to the victory of the Republican Party candidate were held in the Empire State Building. The well known UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon made remarks at the empire state building in a campaign that aimed at putting to an end violence against women. Currently, conditions have changed; There has been invention of colorful floodlights in l964 which has led to the lighting of the antennae spire of the Empire State Building creating room for special events. The colors brighten some seasonal events like sports (Wilson, 2008). The empire building is currently neighboring the Penn station, Madison garden square and Macy’s Herald square.

However, some crises have occurred at this building. Incidences of suicides have been witnessed whereby some people throw themselves from the observatories. Some land alive others dead. Cases of shooting by gangsters were witnessed near this historical site but I can confidently affirm that these cases have been addressed and the site is peaceful.

            More developments have taken place to help improve the situation of the empire state building. Improved LED lighting system has been installed into this building by a technical team lead by Malkin. This LED lighting system has led to reduction in energy consumption. The LED lighting system has led to improved economic growth in the sense that it has led to the expansion of the video and filming industries due to its overwhelming LED lighting system. Consequently, this has created job opportunities in New York improving the living standards of her people.

            More so, observation decks have been developed on some floors of the Empire State Building. Tourists who pay homage to this historical site also find the interest to visit these observation decks. Tourists are guaranteed the access to these decks after buying tickets. The rooms are also rented for office as well. All this has led to improved economic growth in America.

            The attractive features that have drawn the attention of many people has consequently lead to the springing up of restaurants around the Empire State Building that provides food and accommodation services to the people who come to pay homage to the site This has increased job opportunities to the citizens leading to improved standards of living. Some of the restaurants that I got the privilege of having dinner in were the Monkey Bar, Salvation Taco and The Peacock. It is all joy, all fun, and quite amazing to be at the Empire State Building.


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