Home School vs Public School

Although both can provide a good quality education to their students, there are many differences between home school and public school. Home school, (No comma needed) students do not have to answer to anyone, public school other are (???) teaching their children. This has been the biggest debate with parents, whether they want the socialization that comes from public school or the protection that comes from home school. (What about the individualized attention?) “In a recent study done by the U.S Department of Education, 85 percent of homeschooled students were being done so, in part, because of their parents’ concern about the environment of public school.” (Move the period after the citation, so the citation becomes part of the sentence.) (Public school vs, 2008) (When you have a direct quote, you need to provide the page number where the quote appeared, as well as the last name of the author if it is known, or the source title if the author’s name is not known. If it is an electronic source without a page number, provide the paragraph number by counting paragraphs from the top of the page.)

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With so many options, many parents have chosen to home school their students either for safety or to have more control. With home school, there are the same options as public school, meaning for academics. Home school seems like the best option when it comes to (concerning) their children, yet we (We is first-person plural. The preferred perspective is third-person – he, she, one, they, etc.) need to look at every detail. With home school there is a problem sometimes with the fact that (because) it does not offer materials for chemistry. With both home school and public school(,) they have the basics of subjects, for example science, history, math, and English. Now with home school there is a choice on how much a person can learn. Meaning that a child can take their (child is singular, “their” is plural. Use his or her.) time with their education, or they can work ahead. There is even a new study that suggests that home school students are more advanced than public school students. (Citation for this source.)

With options for a student to take their time with their education, this can help students with learning disabilities to be able to complete their school work without worry of falling behind With any school, safety is always the first priority to all parents. With all the school shootings that have been reported, there needs to be some sort of comfort for parents to want to keep their kids (Technically, kids are baby goats. Children is a better word.) in public school. There have been new laws to control how people buy guns, with background checks; this law is called the Brady Law, yet there are those who can buy from private sellers; the threat is still out there. The schools now have started to do their own back ground checks, and making only one entrance into the buildings. They have even put in metal detectors that the children and visitors have to walk through. There are still other worries about safety, like bullying, and how bad that has gotten. This has made kids afraid to go to school; they have to try to fit in, with how they look and how they dress.

With all that, it seems like parents would make the decision very easy to home school, yet there is the other question of socialization. Almost all children need some form of socialization with kids their own age, yet with home schooling they are only with their parents, or only communicating with their online teachers. Then there are single parents who do not have a choice but public school. Both online offer some sort of extra curriculum activities. There are different languages, like French, Spanish, German, and a lot more. Having the option to learn other languages leaves so much open, like traveling to foreign countries and getting a good job later down the line. There is also a saying (A saying is like a witty quote. I think “belief” is a better word in this context.) that learning other languages can help with a child’s reading skills. They can also learn music. They can learn how to read music and play music, for example a musical instrument, which they can later turn in to (into) a career. Art is another thing they can learn, which can help with hand-eye coordination. With most children it is hard for them to use their hands and heads at the same time.

When one thinks of home school, there is never a thought that there still should be arts and crafts to help with handwriting, yet public schools usually still have art as something to help a student along the way. (Are you suggesting that home-schooled children do not do art? Let me suggest that general statements are taboo. My sister is an artist, and she home-schooled her children, both of whom entered college at the age of 16, and both are gifted artists because of the training they received from their mother.) Healthy nutrition is important to everyone. Almost everyone wants to be able to eat right, and make sure that we (We is first-person plural. The preferred perspective is third-person – he, she, one, they, etc.) put the right nutrients in our bodies. When parents home school their children(,) they get to choose what they eat and how healthy it should be. With public school(s) they try to offer healthy choices, yet some school, (Remove the comma and add an s to school.) have vending machines that do not offer a lot of healthy choices or their children do not pick the healthy snacks that they find. Most vending machines have soda, chips and even energy drinks, which have shown damaged to (can hurt) children if they drink too much of it. With public schools(,) they feed the children on their own schedules, which for some kids can be a problem(;) when at home they eat at different times.

When it comes to having healthy children, most parents say that doing home school is best for preventing illness. With home school, parents can control the atmosphere their children live in, meaning how clean they can keep their home so their children do not get sick as often. They also control who can come over, if the visitor is sick they will tell them to come a different day when they are better. When it comes to public school, there is not much you can do. With public school, children have a higher chance of getting sick, yet their immune systems are usually a lot better that a home school child. When it comes to being healthy, physical activity always comes in to (into) play. Most children need to stay active, and with video games and television, there is so much distraction for kids that physical activity is something that they do not do. Now this is where a lot of parents like public school. With public school they have physical education as classes where they have to meet certain standards to make sure the students are able to stay fit.

There is also recess where the kids can go out and play with their friends, which in turn is another form of physical activity. With home school they usually do not make sure that they have physical education. (Do you have documentation to support that accusation? Remember, critical thinkers take nothing at face value.) They do let them play, but it is usually not enough for the child to make a difference. There are some sports that a parent can put their children in, yet the cost is so much more than it would in public school. Now with public school they do have sports for kids, and if you meet a certain financial situation they can offer sports at a discounted rate. With the decline of physical activity there has been a rise of childhood diabetes, and children gaining too much weight. When a parent decides to do home school they need to make sure there is still some sort of physical activity. With every public school there is the problem of politics.

It seems everywhere a parent looks there is politics. When it comes to their children, this is something that most parents thought should stay out of our schools. Most children that go to public schools are also low income and due to that the government thinks it needs to intervene. “As if families aren’t facing enough difficulties, right now, the State of Tennessee is currently considering two bills that will reduce welfare assistance for needy families whose children are not doing well in school, according to an article on ThinkProgress.” (Bills in Tennessee, 2013) With the government looking in to what we are doing, it makes parents want to home school seem a better choice. (Here is the problem with that logic. When kids are at school, they eat at least one and sometimes two meals while there. Home school children eat all their meals at home, so I doubt that people who need food stamps will choose home schooling, because then they are on the hook for all the children’s nutritional needs.)

With having public school as an option for any one education needs, it seems like there are both good and bad things that need to be addresses, yet when it comes to their children, there should always be some investigation into what is best. With home school they also have good and bad, yet the decision any parent makes, needs to be based on what is best for your family. The choice of socialization of public school sounds great, yet does the freedom of the control of teaching their own children also sounds goods as well.

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