Home vs Apartment

Ever had to wonder if either to own a house or rent an apartment? These two materialistic items that give us shelter have there comparisons and differences. Many people decide to rent an apartment because they do not have money to buy a home. On the contrary, people sometimes do not like to live in apartments because of the lifestyle it has. Whether a house or an apartment, what’s the difference and what’s similar? A house and an apartment both have similarities. One of the similarities is that they both require rent. Rent depends on where the area the apartment or home is at and how big it is. The cost of living is often high under any shelter because it protects you from the outside weather and gives you a place to sleep. In addition, the monthly rent amount is sometimes the same at a home as well. Another comparison that these two have are they both have variable amount of rooms and baths. They vary to a one bedroom and a one bath to a 5 bedroom and 3 bath apartment, in which this also applies also to a home. Although, a home has a better chance on having more than an apartment.

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Depending on how many rooms and bath a person would like, there is a way to get that. The most important similarity is that they both provide shelter. Shelter is important because it provides a sense of security and a place of belonging. Everyone would like to live under a roof and, a home and an apartment, both successfully accomplish this. whether it be small or big, they both provide shelter. Besides the comparisons, these two have differences. One of the most obvious differences between these two is that living in an apartment allows easy mobility to move. In order to move from a home, there is more difficulty due to signing a loan out in order to buy the house. In an apartment, the person leases for a certain amount of time and then can either renew it or move. With a home it is more difficult because it requires to sell the home and also the loan that was taken out to be paid off. Another difference is that in an apartment you do not have the option to remodel the inside. In a home, since it is the homeowners property, they can remodel all they want.

For example they can knock down walls, paint and add additional rooms. Another difference are how close the neighbors are. In an apartment, the neighbors are door to door. Sometimes the people on the bottom half of the apartment hear everything you do if you are on the top floor. There also a low tolerance of loud noises. For example, turning up the radio and listening to it loud can make the neighbors mad and make a complaint about you. In the contrary, living in a home, the neighbors are more distant. The noise level does not really matter because many people do not complain. After comparing and contrasting both an apartment and a home, they both have their pros and cons. Apartments are easy to move from but do not have more to offer. On the other hand, a house gives more options to do anything but it also limits mobility to move. An apartment and a home have their similarities along with their differences.

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