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17 March 2016

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It’s not about fighting, but about having power” such is what being hooligan described in the movie Green Street Hooligans. For them it’s not just about the adrenaline you get from that, it is for them the most to have power, to have power gives them the feeling that they are invincible, it is that people are talking about them, and rumors going on the severity of the is, it’s the best feeling. For others, there is a better life outside of hooliganism, and many people who do not understand hooliganism, but for others it’s just the best life, and most are normal people in the film looks at a time while they are about to pulling on which team will play against whom, who sees all hooligan people out of their jobs, and the main role is even a school teacher.

The new hooligan type is not necessarily unemployed, and many of them are in possession of high-level jobs or university students, many of them are married and some of them even have children. The two stories Green Street Hooligans and Among the Thugs, very similar because it is an innocent person who has not seen the world before, which suddenly becomes drawn into a completely different world than the one they are accustomed to, and they are afraid and they are suddenly in the middle of a large hooligan showdown and they can do nothing about it, they can’t escape, so they become and fight the fight, in Green Street Hooligans give the main character a completely different look at life, and it gives him even a very positive look at life, it gives him the courage to stand by the things he wants. In Among the Thugs can be at the end of the story read how much of the hooligans environment has affected him when he is on his way to his train where an elderly couple in front of him where he chooses to push them and shouting “Fuck off, you old cunts” and it is not something he would have done before because he himself sitting at the train station at the beginning of the story and are quite surprised hooligans the behavior and how they suddenly can just take it all, but somehow he is also quite drawn with He seems their song is beautiful and he will see more and hear more, he is drawn to the feeling. The film begins in keeping with hooligan late even though you probably would not do it in reality, but it keeps with the main characters when they are in combat.

The problem with hooligans just that they know themselves that it’s wrong what they do, but they like what they do and why they do not intend to stop, but the end of the movie shows that sometimes you must hold back, for the things you think you can handle. You do not always stand up for what you believe in because you can’t do everything and in the end it will have consequences. But hooligans they will die for their team, as he says in the film “when you find out that you are not made of glass” so get the craving for more and think that they can keep for more, and eventually goes wrong and when it actually should be about football, it has nothing to do with football, football gives them just one more reason to fight, the only thing it’s about is to have power over others, and have a fearsome reputation, so others are afraid of. Hooliganism is here to stay. I do not think that it will be possible to get it to die out completely. Hooliganism is so well organized that the police could never come to life. However, I believe that the police could dampen it more than it is currently.

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