Hospital Automation System

The team has planned to develop a Hospital Automation System for the well knownhospital called Pannipitiya Nursing Home. Currently the client company depends on an error  – prone software system and a large amount of manual work. Development of a new systemwill help the client company to minimize the work load they handle manually and to eliminatethe faults and errors of the existing software system.This proposed system handles the entire hospital work load under seven major functions namely; OPD, IPD, Medical laboratory, Pharmacy and stores, Doctor services, Alertsystem and report generation and Billing system. The new system will be having key benefitsover existing system such as; high performance due to the immediate updating service provided by the system, reduce errors of putting unnecessary purchase orders, access to fullydetailed description about the patient regarding their medical reports, doctors will be pre -alerted about the appointment details of the day and thus the doctor can manage visiting time,reduce human effort and the cost spends to train new employees etc.

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