How a Work Setting Can Encourage Children

It is important for children to feel they can express their feelings and opinions, sometimes children need help in doing this. If they feel they can not express them they may become frustrated and show unwanted behaviour. This is why its important to listen to what the children want to do, the reason why they are showing unwanted behaviour and ideas is because these are all ways of helping children to develop confidence. All children will crave attention from an early age, as babies we coo , smile and cry to get attention. This is why its important to build positive relationships from an early age or as soon as possible the reason for this is children need support and attention from us, if the relationships are not good the children may feel they can not get positive attention easily so are more likely to show unwanted behaviour to get negative attention.

Taking time to talk and have fun with children is therefore important. Boredom is often a key factor in unwanted behaviour. Children and young people will often find things to do that may not always be desirable to entertain themselves if nothing is in place to keep them busy or the activities that are in place are too easy or of no interest to the child. Planning experiences are linked to understanding children’s development and also to make it interesting and fun for them to give them a positive, confident outlook, which produces positive behaviour. Children and young people enjoy having fun and learning provided that the environment is a stimulating one. With this in mind we have to think about what type of equipment, resources and layout is on offer. Children may have the same toys at home so it is worth having a wide variety to choose from and rotate them to provide the children with a challenge.

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