How ar the themes presented in Cool Hand luke?

In the movie ‘Cool Hand Luke’ there are numerous themes which are introduced in many ways. These themes are; Characters and Roles, Faith and Religion, Motif of Gambling, Setting and Atmosphere, Authority and Power. There are many ways during which the viewer can interpret these. These factors might be explored all through my essay.

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The primary character in the movie is none apart from Luke Jackson, who’s portrayed by Paul Newman. Luke was imprisoned for defacing public property by eradicating the heads of parking meters.

Once inside the jail, Luke continually questioned the principles, which brought out his audacity and spontaneity. This quickly gained him respect among the different prisoners. After escaping 3 times, the prison officers tried to ‘break’ Luke from his ways. Luke fell to his knees and vowed to adapt to the foundations.

At this point the other prisoners lost respect for him. This made it appear as if they were simply feeding off of him and utilizing him as a type of entertainment.

Also, one other prisoner, Dragline, was the ‘boss’ of the prisoners, and he abused his power until Luke arrived. Although he was ‘head’ of the prisoners he by no means broke the principles because he was afraid. He used Luke but in addition seemed as much as him on the similar time. There was one prison officer that stood out. The ‘Boss’ or ‘man with no eyes’ wore very darkish shades so that nobody may see his eyes, thus read his feelings. He was very intimidating to the prisoners.

The viewer is led to assume that no one can outsmart him as a end result of they never know what he’s considering which leaves his character as a bit of an enigma.

Another main matter of the film is Faith and Religion. This topic is a contradictory one that twists and turns itself within the film with a selection of completely different characters like Luke and Dragline. Luke doesn’t admit to being spiritual, but he contradicts himself a number of occasions through the course of the film. During one of the scenes it begins to rain and Luke asks God to indicate an indication of his existence, but it doesn’t come. He states to Dragline, “There ain’t no God, simply standin’ in the rain talking to myself.” But, within the last scene he’s in the church on his knees praying to God. Luke also refers to God as ‘Old Man’, which shows that he doesn’t wish to show that he’s religious. Luke doesn’t believe in God until he’s out of ideas. In the last scene he turns to the ‘Old Man’ and asks if he has a plan for his life, as a end result of he has come to a lifeless finish. This might help the viewer empathize with Luke on how peer stress can have an result on ones beliefs.

The next theme is the Motif of Gambling. There was all the time a form of gambling on this film. It seemed as if every thing was a gamble or wager irrespective of the place. In the film, Luke unintentionally earned respect by gambling along with his life. Evidence of that is during the struggle with Dragline, Luke gained respect for not giving up, although he was getting pummeled and could have lost his life. This confirmed Luke’s tenacious character as a outcome of he was the one left standing on their lonesome within the ring as a end result of Dragline had walked off and given up. Another type would be Luke’s spontaneous character.

Throughout the movie Luke ran away three times without planning it. He claims that he had by no means planned something in his life. Also, when Luke was made to dig ditches repeatedly for no apparent reason, the opposite prisoners have been betting on whether he would break or not. In essence they were getting pleasure from Luke’s pain. The viewer can see the place they have used Luke a lot that he is suffering from this. This evokes a sympathetic response from the audience.

The Setting and Atmosphere of the movie really underlined the truth that a jail is disconnected from the surface world. This was achieved by the truth that there are not often any folks across the jail or the prisoners and they’re in the middle of nowhere. We know this as a outcome of no one ever drives down the road that they clear up. Also, there aren’t any homes or buildings to be seen in the background for miles and miles, simply farm and marshland. This shows that these men within the prison are isolated from the remainder of society. This sends a message of warning that you never want to be in jail.

The film’s central theme of authority and power is known by three details. Power corrupts is the primary level. The guards within the prison take benefit of their authority, like when Luke is pressured to do work for no reason or after they try to put him in the box by giving him further meals. Also, when they put him within the field for no cause when his mom dies. This was a very important part in the film. The guard says to Luke, “Sorry, simply doing my job.” Luke replies, “Saying it’s your job don’t make it proper.”

This shows that the system contained in the prison is established in order that nobody can get round it. The second level is that there will all the time be an Ultimate Power, i.e. the ‘Old Man’. This signifies that no matter what we’ve limited control over what happens, and that there’ll at all times be somebody or something larger than us. The third level is Defying Authority. This could be the largest point in the complete film. The film starts off with an act of defiance of authority when Luke is caught cutting the heads off of parking meters. This level continues throughout to the last scene. Luke is constantly defying authority. It by no means ends in the film. I suppose that it’s the main objective of the movie.

In conclusion, I state that this film is necessary as a outcome of it questions the very method that society exists in my world. It questions the validity of the punishment techniques and legal guidelines of the current. Its’ powerfulness is complimented by the stainless means that these themes are introduced in the movie.

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