How British Rule was bad for India

One way in which British Rule did not help India was that they had a detrimental effect on Indian Trade. India at the time was a key producer of cotton but when the British came into power they also brought cheaper cotton from Britain. This meant that many cotton factories were being forced out of business by cheaper cotton abroad. In a sense the British were deindustrialising India. If British Rule was really good for India, it would have tried to develop the country in important areas as such as its trade. However, this is not what Britain did but they hindered the trade. A particular fact proves this point very well. At the beginning of British rule, India exported 1 million yards of cotton from Britain. 3 decades later this figure rose to 450 million yards of cotton.

This shows that Britain was destroying India’s trade. Another way in which British Rule was bad for India was that the British focused too much on the military. Britain’s utmost concern was for the safety of the British traders in India and therefore put a lot of India’s resources into developing the military to protect them. However, as the Western world was industrialising, India was being left behind. This is because they weren’t having any scientific breakthroughs or any ground-breaking inventions and this was due to the lack of education.

Britain wasted too much of India’s resources and money on the military and not enough was put into reforming the education system. This is shown by the fact that 32% of government spending was on developing the military but that only 1% was dedicated to improving education. Today I have talked to British Rule was bad for India because Britain deindustrialised India and Britain focused too much on the military.

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