How criminals have adapted to technology

Technology has made our world increasingly open and vulnerable (Goodman, 2012). As companies develop amazing technology for good purposes, criminals can use that same technology to hurt people. It is a bad assumption to believe that crime-stopping technology cannot be used against the system. Lawbreakers can develop and use technology for the sole purpose of committing crimes and new technologies produce the risks of unanticipated, undesirable risks and consequences (Cole, Smith, & DeJong, 2014). There are so many different types of new technology that criminals use and that the system uses.

Criminals use cyber-crime to break into people’s accounts, and counterfeiting to steal from companies, just to name a couple. Police use computers a lot for their work. New programs, like the Geographic Information System, are useful for mapping problem locations to deal with specific crime. All kinds of information can be collected in law enforcement databases: fingerprints, tattoos, DNA samples, and gun/ballistic records. I think the biggest threat to society from their adaptation is the fact that personal information is so open to the public now. Criminals have grown with the technology and know how to get credit card numbers, addresses, and so much that is very dangerous for them to have and abuse.


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