How do family traditions and cultural legacies contribute to and/or inhibit an individuals self-identity?

Are Test Scores a Good Indication of a School’s Competency? Ever studied for a test and still manage to receive a failing score? It happens to almost all of us. Schools may effectively or ineffectively design study material for a chapter, but to me it does not have a big effect of the overall resulting test scores. A high grade average depends on the students’ method of studying and comprehension, the way that the instructor teaches the material, and the way that the test it produced.

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On numerous occasions, students have reviewed specific test material and gained plenty of confidence for success, but failed with the most horrifying score of their life. On the other hand, some students may choose to cram as much as they can right before taking the test and excel. Every student has a different level of comprehension; some may learn faster than others, or be a different type of learner. Normally, students will be informed of an approaching test, this way each student know to more attentive during class time and while studying. The amount of tine that one has to prepare for an upcoming test varies. That length of time may be brief or extended. Because of the fact that every student is different, the time they may require to study effectively varies. I personally need about a week’s worth of study time to retain most of the appropriate information. Some may only need a few days. This can sometimes be a reflection of the way the material has been taught to a student.

For effective education retention, a study plan must be well-organized and taught thoroughly. Some instructors become lackadaisical causing the students to not be fully prepared for a final test while depending solely on that professor’s teachings. No matter how organized and thorough a lesson plan is designed, if the material is not taught right, the scores will not be right. Students should not depend only on the professor. They should combine what is taught to the with their own study method so that they can comprehend. A lot of times, students will believe that attending class and paying attention is enough which is false. They can be taught one way and be tested on it the subject in another form.

Often times, students may say, “that had nothing to do with what I studied all week for.” From my past experiences, I would study diligently for a test and find that the test asks questions that were not given examples of in the study material. That has to be one of the most frustrating things for a student. If schools were to have tests contain more of what was taught to the students, there would be a higher test grade scale. By this I mean that tests should ask similar questions that the homework asks or that were given in examples. I am sure that many can relate to a test asking questions that they have never seen.

To sum it all up, the end result of a test depends on how much effort is put forth from the student, the student’s comprehension level, and the effectiveness of the instructor’s teaching method. There may be an A student who experiences test anxiety, this can cause low testing scores. There may be a student who cheats, of course, this mainly results in higher scores. There also may be a student who just happens to be a great test taker. Test scores are not a good indication of a schools competency.

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