How does communication device helps students in their studies


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Over the years as technology keeps improving, more and more people are using it in their daily lives. Over these past few decades, there has been a significant advancement in the field of technology. What is more obvious in the public eyes nowadays is the advancement of communication devices. Communication devices are equipment or hardware designed to move or convey information or data from one place to another. In other words, allowing one person to communicate with another. In the olden days, there is only one form of communication device which is the telephone. At that time, the phones can only be used to make calls or receive them. However, in this modern age, phones can do much more than that. In fact, there are many more sophisticated communication devices available besides phones.

Communication devices have evolved over time. Besides making and receiving calls, phones nowadays are equipped with abilities such as taking pictures and connecting to the Internet. Humans have also developed various types of communication devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets and many more. What’s more is that most of these communication devices can access to the internet. Internet is what makes these communication devices flourish. This is because the internet is the most powerful, global data communications system making it the greatest invention of science because of its wide range of benefits and uses in the world today.

The biggest benefit of the internet can be found in the educational sector. Educators can obtain learning material from it, prepare courses online and deliver audio and visual information to students. It is a valuable source for referencing material and tool in enhancing their knowledge. Example of one of the most effective and most used form of internet technologies in the educational sector is E-learning. According to (Ove, Salleh & Iahad, 2010):

“E-learning is the use of Information and Communication Technology e.g. Internet, Computer, Mobile phone, Learning Management System (LMS), Televisions, Radios and others to enhance teaching and learning activities. E-learning is a unifying term used to describe the fields of online learning, web-based training and technology delivered instructions.”

E-learning is a popular learning approach in higher educational institutions due to the fast growth of internet technology. Nowadays due to the competitive advantage, many universities have implemented E-learnings. By doing so, it left a huge positive impact on the students’ performance. The internet also provides a faster and more efficient ways of communication such as video conferencing, emails and more. With just the click of a mouse a person can be connected to someone who is in another city or even halfway across the world. Distance is erased within seconds and spatial boundaries have come crashing down due to instant messaging services.

For a student, information such as the student details, notes, documents and etc. can be transferred instantly from anywhere with the help of internet. Besides that, students can also leave short messages or notification to others by using e-mails. This is both convenient for students, lecturers and also faculty staffs of the university. However, communication devices are needed in order to access to the internet. There is no way to connect to the internet without using communication devices these days. Therefore, this shows the importance of communication devices for people especially in the workplace and educational sectors.

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