How does samules shape the ending to Act 1 and how effective do you find it?

How does Samuels shape the ending to Act 1 and how effective do you find this ending? (30 marks)
Samuels uses different ideas and techniques in order to shape the ending in order to make it an effective piece of writing. He creates suspense and emotion in order for the audience to feel attached to the plot and show the true feelings of the characters. Samuels does this by not only highlighting the vast emotions of both charters but also mixes this with a novel called ‘The Rat-catcher’. This book was one from Evelyn’s childhood and both she and Eva were haunted by it throughout her life. The first way in which Samuels shapes the ending of Act 1 is by exaggerating the drama and emotion of the situation in order to emphasis the great truth that is revealed in this situation; that Faith is a Jew, effected by the Holocaust.

For example Faith says, “Jesus. How could I possibly not be a bad child with such a terrible mother?” Then later in the conversation, “I could kill you”. During this last section the truth is being revealed to Faith of her past, of her being a Jew and of her grandfather’s death during the holocaust which had been otherwise hidden from her previously. Here Samuels highlights the flying and rising emotions of the conversation, in order to spark a more interesting and viewable final act. Another way in which Samuels shapes the ending of Act 1 is by creating a link between Eva, Evelyn and the dreaded Rat-catcher, in an on stage masterpiece. He uses the layouts of the play to not only create drama between the same person, in different periods of time but also between them and a mythical being.

For example, Evelyn: “He’s not coming” and Eva: “He’ll burn my fingers till they melt”. Here both characters are talking about someone who does not actually appear to them but is rather just a being that gets inside their consciences in order to question what they are doing. This means that a dramatic contrast is created between Eva and Evelyn, the past and present, which impacts by allowing the audience to understand the difficultly between the choose of leaving her old life behind of facing the reality of what is a daughter discovering her hidden past.

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