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Data protection act 1998
There are many advantages to Enterprise rent a car and there customers on of them being that if they abide by the data protection act its easier for them to do so as they don’t need to necessarily protect someone’s data for a long time and they can actually dispose of it when its not needed any more. This gives them more space to store new data that they may need to. Another advantage for customers is that when enterprise rent a car store their data they do not need to worry as they are not allowing being in possession of it for a very long period of time as they need to dispose of it when they don’t need it anymore. The disadvantages are that enterprise rent a car could be taken to court if they do not dispose of their client’s information when they don’t need it anymore. A disadvantage for a customer is that if their data is not disposed of properly someone could access their personal details which are highly dangerous as they could do anything they wish with your information.

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Computer misuse act of 1990
There are many advantages Enterprise rent a car one of these being that the business would know about people who hack into company data and have software’s which protect their files from any hackers meaning that people personal private data would be safe. The disadvantages of Enterprise rent a car and their customers are that if they do get hacked their details could be made public which would be very dangerous as they could loose important data which could not be accessed again. A disadvantage for customers is that their private details to do with money or money transfers could be made public and money could be taken out of their accounts if their bank details are made public

Whistle blowing
Enterprise rent a car has many advantages when it comes to whistle blowing an advantage which benefits the business is that the business being told certain information gives them an advantage over other businesses as whistle blowers get legal protection through the public disclosure act. A disadvantage is that Enterprise rent a car could get fined or shutdown if it is found too be involved in any breaking of the law.

Freedom of information act 2000
Advantages of enterprise rent a car and their customers is that the freedom of information act involves their customers paying to be able to provide them with the information which is held in regards to them in the public sector. The advantage for customers is that it would be that they are able to look at the information which is held about them by the police which is their criminal records or anything like that. The disadvantages being that this act does not mean that people can access the information which is held about them. Another disadvantage being that the act would be that customers may have to pay for the information although the price is sometimes too high to access this.

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