How Is Animal Abuse Linked to Human Abuse

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24 March 2016

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How is animal abuse linked to human abuse? What is animal abuse? Abuse is define to be a misuse or mistreatment and attempt to harm another person or thing. Several studies have shown that animal abuse and neglect may indicate that others in the home maybe at risk of abuse and neglect, also. Abuse has become a common place across the nation and taking on many different forms of abuse. It is believed that animals as well as humans have every right to a good life just as those who physically, psychologically, and sexually perform such act against them. Physical abuse is known as to involving contact intended to cause feelings of intimidation, injury, or other physical suffering or bodily harm. It is said, “Physical abuse is when a person hits, slam, pulls hair, harms by use of weaponry, murder, bites, or burns. Whereas physical neglect is failure or delay to provide healthcare, abandonment an expulsion. Neglect is also includes leaving a child under inadequate supervision, nutrition, hygiene and clothing as well as in regards to safety and welfare”(Jilani. Difference between Abuse and Neglect. May 6, 2010) Animal and human abuse fall hand in hand when coming to such situations.

There are countless abuse cases of animals being cared for with cruelty and has related in every situation involving a human. Both relate very similarly when being faced with such harmful and abusive environment. The pain, suffering and death upon an animal being physically abused can compare to a human being physically abused by their spouse or one who is the abuser. The list can go on different ways an individual will perform acts of abuse toward the subjects. Thesis statement: In today’s society, cruelty towards animals is a growing epidemic because people do not have the value this worth of animal life. These acts of have placed many innocent lives into danger and until this day it still occurs. Studies have shown that “In 88 percent of 53 families where various forms of child abuse had taken place, animal abuse had also occurred. In two thirds of these families the animal abuser was the father figure; in one third it was a child. The researchers suggested that, in such cases, pet abuse by children was often a manifestation of children was often a manifestation of children’s response to their own victimization; a replication of the dynamics of their own abuse on powerless pet figures.

Of 233 British families with a history of animals neglect. In one study of battered women, 57 percent of those with pets said their partners had harmed or killed the animals. One in four said that she stayed with the batterer because she feared leaving the pet behind” (, 2001) These are the relationships of animals and humans when in dealing in such physical within a household or just an abuser who has no heart to give proper care for one of the two. This article also states of families who are being abused by other members within the family hood would tend to do the same well aware of his or her actions and is careless of their actions. Here is where an individual’s rights will come into play to protect themselves from being harmed in every way such. An animal should be given every equal right to live a good life and be given the nurture and care that is needed.

There are lists of abuses an animal or human may face on a daily basis but another abuse that is popular in dealing with abuse cases is being psychologically abused. Psychological abuse is defined as emotional or mental abuse. These two characters of abuse basically are being abused imperceptibly when dealing with the mind. This is known to be more harmful only due to it affecting how a person may think and feel about themselves. An animal abuse in a psychological form may be similar. The abuser will teach the animal of thinking in ways that may cause the innocent animal to feel harmed and afraid. In this type of environment an animal or human might believe what the abuser is saying and continue to follow with the mentality of feeling frightful that if they disobey they will be abused. It states that “the abuser projects their word, attitude or actions onto an unsuspecting victim usually because they themselves have not dealt with childhood wounds that are now causing them to harm others” (BOGDANOS, 2013). There is huge relationship of animal being abused linked to a human that is sin the same position. They will be verbally being hit with harsh words that will hurt how they will react to such abusive actions psychologically. As we understand that being psychologically abused may not cause physical damage but it may cause those being abused pain and scarring.

The National Coalition against Domestic Violence stated “Psychological abuse is the systematic perpetration of malicious and explicit nonphysical health of the victim and victim’s loved ones, controlling the victim’s freedom, and effectively acting to destabilize or isolate the victim. Psychological abuse frequently occurs prior to or concurrently with physical or sexually abuse. While psychological abuse increases the trauma of physical and sexual abuse, a number of studies have demonstrated that psychological abuse independently causes long-term damage to its victims, mental health” (VIOLENCE,2005-2011). This can lead into an unhealthy relationship if the abusiveness continues and may result into physical violence. It can result in depression, problems with self-esteem, poor sleep, alcohol or drug use, and becoming suicidal, among other things.

People who are being abused may feel absolutely trapped in a relationship that they cannot escape, and begin to feel that they somehow deserve the abuse. Being abused with your emotions and mind may cause a thing or person to believe even more the self –esteem drops, you lose confidence and you find it hard to get back on the right track of mind. A few example of psychological abuse as stated in a site are “emotional abuse includes non-physical behaviors such as threats, insults, constant monitoring or “checking in”, excessive texting, humiliation, intimidation, isolation or stalking” (, 2007-2013). It is when someone’s insult and disrespect you verbally. It causes a person pain mentally and emotionally. Effects that may occur in facing psychological abuse are well known to those who are the abuser and to every other individually who is willing lend a helping in saving a life. There may be a list of ways to heal and solve the issue of being abused but it is up to the individually that will not let anyone nor their words or actions falter you from living life.

Last but not least another link of abuse between animals and humans is sexual abuse. The American Psychological Association defines sexual abuse as “sexual abuse is unwanted sexual activity, with perpetrators using force, making threats or taking advantage of victims not able to give consent. Most victims and perpetrators know each other. Immediate reactions to sexual abuse include shock, fear or disbelief. Long-term symptoms include anxiety, fear or post-traumatic stress disorder. While efforts to treat sex offenders remain unpromising, psychological interventions for survivors, especially group therapy that appears effective” (ASSOCISTION, 2013).

This information has shared quite a link between animals and humans when dealing with sexual abuse. The relationship of being sexually abused is similar. For instance, the abuser will force themselves unto an animal or human and perform unwanted acts sexually that is not pleasing and very harmful to this innocent life. There are many other relationships as of humans performing sexual activity upon animals, which are against the law and should not even be thought upon in the first place. Others may be of another human against another human. They may show sexual abusive actions that may cause fear to the victim and forcefully perform such actions. These are some ways that are mostly known of how animals or humans may be sexually abused. Some could be of two individuals who practically know each other well, but one may feel in need of sexual activity and will forcefully do so while the victim is refusing. Here is another infamous way that we most often hear when it comes down it sexual abuse. Sexual abuse has been around for many of years.

As for animals, there are several of reasons why humans sexually abuse animals. They use animals as to experiments, in pornography, as sexual partner to gain satisfaction of their wants of pleasures and needs. For these reasons it has become as to force an animal, physical violence involves the use of animals for degradation and sexual exploitation of the battered partner. According to Lenore Walker (1979), bestiality may be a part of further tormenting and humiliating the victim. In Walker’s (1984) interviews with battered women, bestiality was mentioned as one of the “unusual sex acts” desired by their partners, it was found that this experience occurred with 41% of the battering partners and 5% of the non-battering partners. Child sexual abusers may also sexually abuse animals to enhance, expand or extend the abuse of the genuinely powerless and unsuspecting victim (Adam, 1994). Some case studies of sexual abuse of children include reports of forcing children to interact sexually with animals (Ascione, 1993). A child’s sexual abuse of an animal may be a warning sign that the child is a victim or witness of physical, sexual or emotional abuse” (SHEET).

In conclusion, we have come to an understanding of all the different types if animal and within this research. As we know that the rate of abused animals and humans has risen dramatically over the past years. There has not been much of a change from a day basis. Physical abuse as we all knows that it is the most well-known form of abuse that is being faced and is the traumatic one deal with. In other cases, Psychological abuse is another serious form of abuse although it is not as harmful as being physically abused. As to being sexually abused is another form which adds on to the list of abuses. These few forms have not only harmed innocent lives but have caused so much hurt and taken time away to heal. Animals and humans may be saved if dealt and prevented in the early stages of abuse.

Others times it might be too late which may cost one to lose their life over carelessness and being mistreated or misused. Today’s society continue to strive in searching for ways to save lives of those being abused and to educate those in whom are abusers of what wrong doings they have become. Being that animals are not humans but their relationship is similar to each other and how they are treated. This is why I believe that animals and humans should be treated equally along with the rights against abusers in order to save their innocent lives from falling into hands of the abusers.


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