How The American Revolution Started

The American Revolution was the colonists breaking from monarchy and switching to Democracy. The outcome of the movement lead to the Declaration of independence, and then the creation of America. There are several reasons why the American Revolution began, here are a few.

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The sugar act, or the American Duties Act was passed in 1764 for the sole purpose to raise money for the French Indian war. The Act forced a tax of three cents on sugar that was shipped to the new colony. The act also placed tax on Molasses to stop merchants from smuggling it in. Of course the tax was placed onto the colony while they were in a state of financial depression. In response, the Merchants refused to buy luxury British imports, but the rebellion didn’t start until the Quartering act and the Stamp act began.

The Quartering act was created in 1765. Colonists were told to house, feed, and care for the troops as they came. The act backfired in 1766 when 1,500 troops appeared in New York. The Provincial Assembly refused to obey the law, and refused to provide the soldiers with any alms. Because they refused, Parliament said they’d suspended New Yorks Governor and Legislature until 1769, but never carried it out. Soon after, the Assembly agreed to accumulate money to quarter the troops. After that, the Quartering act was avoided in all states except Pennsylvania.

The Stamp act began in 1765 when George Grenville raised the taxes on most things in the American Colony. Initially he wanted to raise taxes in Britain, but that was out of the question because of the hostile reaction after the Cider Tax. So instead decided to raise tax on the new colony without asking their permission. The colonists responded immediately by debating in the colonial legislatures, creating mob crowds, tarring, and feathering. All in all, the colonists finally showed their displeasure for all the new laws through “The Boston Tea Party”.

The Boston Tea Party was a political protest against the taxes. A group, named the “Sons of liberty”, came up with the idea to dress as Indians (which didn’t fool anyone) and toss all the crates of Tea that came in, into the harbor. The British Government responded harshly, and it grew into the American Revolution as we know it.

In the end, the American Revolution got rid of increasing restrictions placed on the colonies from Britain. It’s estimated that only one-third of the colonists were in favor of rebellion, one-third sided with the British, and the last third were all neutral concerning the rebellion and break from Great Britain.

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