Human resource is the most important asset for an organisation

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26 April 2016

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We know that manpower is playing a very important role in the entire organization as well as in economic. Why is the manpower very affecting toward every organization? Human resource can be defined as labor as well as all the employees within the entire organization regardless of rank. Human resource is a resource provided by labor. Peoples whoever working in a company consider employee including of higher management such as general manager and operation manager. For every organization needed labor in order to maintain the productivity of every sector. Meanwhile, organization must require professional to manage the labor, we call that human resource management. Human resource management is to maintain and manage in the labor sector of an organization. Human resource department is a group of professional that doing labor management such as recruitment, labor welfare, academic and research of staff training, management of performance appraisal of staff, benefits and compensation and employee relationship.

When comes to human resource, it is also discuss about productivity in every sector of an organization. Nowadays, we understand that technology is growing rapidly in past decade, it brings huge impact for every sector including of human resource. It could be in positive and negative. We understand from Jared Lewis (n.d), some of the areas in human resource had significantly impacted by technology such as recruiting, training and data storage. Recruitment traditionally relies on publication on multimedia such as newspaper and poster. Since the technology was growing in past decade, we are realize that job vacancy are lesser appear in newspaper or street poster but Internet. Now people are more easy to seek opportunity in one platform which is Job website. I believe everyone has been through some training.

We could realize that most of the training was conducted with technology. In human resource, HR professional could be more efficient to reach every single employee by using technology such as training and access of personal particular of employees. On the other hand, some of the industries have more negative impact in human resource. Example in production industry, we know that machines provide efficiency and productivity; in the same time human resource are affected. Contrary, some of the industry required more human resource such as retail and food & beverage industry.

For my point of view, technology critically impacted human resource sector. However, in certain way that human resource still irreplaceable. In economic, people study different impacts toward the economic growth; one of the critical factor could affect economic is unemployment. As we know Singapore is a country with no natural resources. Report from UNESCO Singapore in 2008, Singapore treated human capital is the most valuable asset for the country. Within an organizations. Human resource is also one of the most important assets. How could human capital affect the entire organizations? As we know people manage the entire system of an organization. In every sector of an organization needed human capital in order to process. Therefore, we realize high turn over rate of a company is not a good sign. Labor keep changing within a company lower the productivity; labor low confident and low morale brings huge impact in productivity.

Some of the companies realize this valuable asset has high potential growth opportunity toward the company. We could see most of the company really taking care of their labor, which they will implement, benefits or provide allowance for their workers such as attendance allowance, best worker of the month rewards. Some of the small enterprise may also provide company trip as well. As we know that all above benefits and allowance had given to the workers is to maintain high morale and encourage workers; this is of the common strategy used in human resource management.

Beside reward, there are some strategy was implemented to sustain low turn over rate such as sending employee to training and skill development courses to improve in quality of work force. Not necessary only HR department uses human resource management. In every single department in a company needed human resource management, which handled by the head of department. In order to ensure the operation well progress, superior have to be manageable and interactive to the subordinates.

Compare to past decade, we realize that most of the industry were computerized and it brought huge impact toward labor force. However, human resource is still very important in every sector. Human resource is flexible, high potential of growth and manageable. As we know, in every sector needed people to operate and ensure the operation flow going smooth including machine and computer operation. Changes in human source could affect every single corner in an organization. Nowadays, companies are more concern the issue of human resource; companies are trying as best as they can to sustain low turn over rate and improve quality of labor in order to bring the company towards growth. In every field, human resource is one of the keys to success and we realize human resource is the most valuable and important asset to the organization.

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