Human Resources

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24 March 2016

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1. Explain how realistic job previews (RJPs) operate. Why do they appear to be an effective recruitment technique? Realistic Job Previews show potential candidates a (mostly) unbiased snapshot of a firm, including pros and cons about a job, its details and the current employee satisfaction with the job and company. It appears to be an effective recruiting technique because it lets the potential recruit know what they are getting into before going through the hiring process, therefore preventing high turn overs and increasing employee satisfaction. 2

. What are the advantages and disadvantages of filling openings from internal sources? Advantages include:

A firm being able to receive a return on their investment by getting the full use out of the professional maturity of an employee from entry level to career level Having the surrounding employees feed off the growth of their peer and strive to also become a leader and advance Rewards the work ethic of employees who start from the bottom and move up Disadvantages include:

The existing employees available may not have the requirements for the open position The attributes of the current staff might carry over into the new positions and there may never be any different views or personalities, as opposed to hiring someone externally, which allows for ambiguity. The firm will have used all their available employees from the entry level positions and need to hire externally for those.

3. What contributions can a career management program make to an organization that is forced to downsize its operations? A career management program can contribute to an organization that’s downsizing by using the assessment tools to pinpoint what is needed from its employees to succeed, and using the inventory and human capital, eliminating those who may not have the motivation or are high risk to the future of the company.

They can also discover who will remain an asset and place them in different roles that will capitalize on their skill and potential, and eliminate unnecessary roles or job positions.

4. How are career challenges of minorities both similar to and different from those of women? The challenges of minorities are similar to the challenges of women because they’re limited to resources that help their development in similar ways; minorities are not exposed to the same educational backgrounds.

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