Identifying the Aspects of My Self-Picture

Identifying The Aspects Of My Self-Picture

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Rachelle Spahr

RX1020 Pharmacy Technician

August 15, 2013

Professor Broome

Identifying the Aspects of My Self-Picture

Identifying the aspects of my self-picture that are not working for me wasn’t hard to accomplish. The things that do work for me on the other hand, are a little more difficult toidentify. I am however, learning how to diminish the negative thinking, to make room for the positive.

Negativity plays havoc on your mindset. I would think things like; I am not smart enough to succeed in furthering my education and I will never amount to anything. Once I failed at something I’d stop trying, believing I can’t fail if I don’t try. Thoughts like these were crippling, keeping me from bettering myself.

I have learned quite a bit from reading the Think Build Live Success books. Using the techniques; Challenging negative judgments and replacing destructive judgments, I feel I now have the power to change this self-destructive pattern. I have a lot of past failures and disappointments to learn from. Instead of destructive thinking when I do fail, I will think about what didn’t work and how I can change it for a successful outcome the next time.

In life you have to be open to change, the world changes all the time. Making adjustments in my thinking, will give me the power to make my life how I want it. My failures will strengthen me, but I will no longer allow negative thoughts play their caustic role in my life.

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