Illegal Immigration

With Illegal immigrants entering the United States daily, attention grows as to what should be done about it. Illegal immigrants who enter the United States and build lives here ultimately affect our economy and society. On one side of the debate, you have those who believe all illegal immigrants should be deported. No exceptions should be made and citizenship should be required to enter the borders of the United States. On the other side, why not give illegal immigrants a chance? Allow them to earn rights in the United States and eventually gain citizenship. Serious debate continues over what reforms should be made to our nation’s Immigration laws.

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With a vision of more secure borders, there are those who see illegal immigration completely unacceptable. This side argues that Illegal immigrants be given no status in the United States. Those who share this point of view often times share similar reasons as well. Many middle class jobs, available to legal United States citizens, are being swept up by illegals. Illegal immigrants are using falsified documents to gain access to such jobs. It’s not fair that legal citizens who are looking for jobs face competition against illegal immigrants. Their use of fake social security numbers to authenticate documents causes issues to tax brackets and government assistance programs. Government assistance, only intended for use by citizens in need, is being utilized by illegal immigrants. As well as wanting to keep government agencies from being utilized by wrong parties, safety is a strong reason for wanting more secure borders. With thousands of immigrants making the attempt into the United States daily, it is impossible to filter out violent offenders and other criminals from non- criminals. This is what scares many American citizens into wanting completely shut borders. You just don’t know who is entering the U.S. Without the ability to screen everyone who enters the U.S., and regulate the number of immigrants entering the U.S., this side will continue to vote for closed borders.

On the contrary though, commonly in tune with ideals that our nation was founded by immigrants, there are those who see reform is necessary for the United States. America has been known as the land of opportunity for centuries. Why not allow everyone a chance to prosper? Immigrants bring and have brought new ideas to our country for centuries. Every day they form a functioning part of our society as well as economy. Although some view it wrong for illegal aliens to receive government assistance, they contribute to taxes as well. With dreams of bettering one’s life, immigrants usually come to the U.S. with strong work ethics and hopes to prosper. Blamed for the shortages in jobs, Illegal immigrants seem to fill the holes in society that legal citizens haven’t already filled. With them they bring values of their own cultures. This helps distill more values of culture into our own. Creating a more diverse country can help everyone feel more like they fit in. Illegal immigrants, with dreams of citizenship in the U.S., should be given the chance. Reform in our government should allow more eligibility for those trying to gain citizenship. Opportunity should be accessible to everyone.

With illegal immigration often debated by those with strict agendas, it is easy to see certain points of view are missed. Noted historically as “one big melting pot”, The United States was originally founded by immigrants. Most “Americans” today are descendants of immigrants who came to the U.S. hoping to find opportunity, the same as immigrants today. The United States should honor that many illegal immigrants see it as the land of opportunity. Citizenship here should not be a dream held out of reach for so many. Immigrants bring diversity to new nations. Government reforms concerning both sides can be made. Changes that not only allow more opportunity to those looking in, but strengthen and secure our border’s as well. Consideration from both sides of the debate is necessary in trying to find solutions to the immigration problems our nation faces today.

Debate over whether our borders be accessible or left shut will continue as long as people try to cross them. There will always be those radically opposed to immigration as will there always be those for it. With chances slim of immigration into the U.S. slowing down, parties will have to form necessary common grounds in order to preserve the integrity of our nation. Security for the U.S. will always be the main factor in how our reform pans out. It should never be forgotten though that this is the land of opportunity, built by those who came by boat. Only views of equality can fix the issues tying up our immigration reform.

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