In Search of the Spiritual

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29 February 2016

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Affirmative action was a policy set into place to even the playing field for all races, religion, gender or national origin. In his article “Whites Swim in Racial Preference” Tim Wise gives an in depth view of racial preference of Whites versus any other race. Even though affirmative action has been set into place, Whites still have the advantage to excel since they are given more opportunities and advantages simply because of their race. One of the examples that is used by Tim Wise is the point systems that is used by the University of Michigan has set up an even though 20 additional points for minority groups even after it is all totaled Whites tend to have more points than most minority groups. Just as it was stated in the article Whites have been raised believing that everything they have achieved has been on their own, they have accomplished their goals in a system and world that has been set up for them to achieve in. Everyone would like to believe that social equality has been achieved when the reality of it, is that this should be something that we should still be maintaining to achieve.

Often when you hear of glass ceiling it if referred to women not being able to achieve the same status in the workforce as men, but this also includes minorities too. It’s a known fact that even though we now have an African American president there are still more White politics in office than African Americans. Discrimination is also another reason as to why Whites still have the advantage, although most people aren’t racists, there are still quite a few people that still judge people by their gender or race. Even though discrimination is illegal it is still prevalent. You would want to think in 2013 that this wasn’t a possibility but it is something that this generation needs to combat if we are to move forward. White privilege refers to the rights or immunities granted to people as a particular benefit or favor simply because they are White. W.E.B. DuBois observed labor workers, instead of wanting fair work conditions for all laborers, White workers accepted the public and psychological wage of Whiteness. I would like to believe that no all of the White workers believed in that, but it could be possible that they were scared to lose their job if they spoke up.

White privileges are something that White people may take for granted because they might not even notice that it exists. White privileges are can help them achieve goal and obtain more than most minority groups since this isn’t something that minority groups have. Racial profiling is also something that would give Whites an advantage of minority groups. Racial profiling is supposed to be illegal but there are many cases that show that it is still happening in the United States. We have seen a lot of racial profiling since the events of 9/11 but African Americans have been racially profiled way before that event happened. I personally have been a victim of racial profiling and was pulled over for no apparent reason other than the fact that I was African American. Although I agree that the nation’s security is very important I don’t agree on signaling certain people out just because of their race. This is something that Whites would rarely if ever have to deal with.

As I stated before, although the world has advanced greatly since the times of slavery, it still hasn’t changed enough where minority groups can achieve and maintain the status of Whites. I would hope that as the world continues to progress that this is something that can change so that other minority groups can achieve their goals and we can establish some type of social equality and everyone can be viewed as equal instead of being judged by their race or gender. I would hope that in the future this is something that my multiracial children wouldn’t have to worry about or deal with. We constantly tell our children that through hard work and dedication they can achieve whatever they put their minds too and I hope that somebody that statement will be true.

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