Induction for new Social Care Workers in adult social care

It is vital that diversity, equality, inclusion and discrimination is understood and adhered to at all times as a social care worker. By this we mean treating everyone equal no matter what their race, gender, religious views, ability, culture, age or appearance. We expect Service Users to be included in events and not excluded because of a disability or any other reason. We expect EVERY Service User to be treated fairly and equally. If the above standards are not adhered to our Service Users will not trust you as an individual, they will not trust us as a company and they will feel excluded and let down by you and could not trust you or our company again. We deal with the most vulnerable people of society and it is vitally important to not discriminate these people, they need your trust, they need your confidentiality, they need to be treated equally, THEY NEED YOU.

They do not want to be excluded, they do not want to get low self-esteem because of your actions, they do not want to be judged by you or anyone else. For example, we had a new Social Care Worker who wanted to take our Service User to her local shop where she had not been for a few years because of a sudden disability. Upon arrival at the shop she could not gain access because there was no ramp to push the wheelchair up. Our Social Care Worker spoke to the shop keeper explaining that her Service User would very much like to shop their but felt excluded because she couldn’t access the shop. The shop keeper remembered the Service User and had missed her coming to the shop and didn’t realise how difficult it would be for disabled people to gain access to the shop.

A few weeks later he had built a ramp for wheelchair access and re-arranged the shop to make wider aisles. The Service User was able to be included as any other person would be now, when shopping in her local shop and the shop keeper was happy to help. We also require our Social Care Workers to support others in promoting diversity, equality and inclusion, we will provide full training and support but it is down to you as an individual to support others. We expect you to share your knowledge and experiences with our other Care Workers to promote diversity, equality and inclusion. You will have regular performance reviews and you can pass on your ideas, examples and experiences then, or whenever you like by just contacting us.

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