Information Strategy Plan for catering services

Develop a solid, corporate identity in its specified targeted market areas. Become the top brokerage firm by its fifth year (2015) of operation, or before. The company believes that the above-mentioned objectives are obtainable because of the high degree of professionalism and expertise in real estate marketing upheld by the corporation’s core values.

Compliance to the RESA Law compels all marketing executives with the knowledge of the real estate laws and procedures which will give them the corresponding license from the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) as Licensed Real Estate Sales Agents to engage in the marketing and sales of real estate properties. DRIVEN will provide them the needed training upon entering the profession. Free and paid trainings will be available at a high return to the agent. When starting out, most agents are not able proper training and support.

The office environment will be productively and professionally presentable making it inviting to the agent as well as to its client developers and potential buyers / investors. A team of assistants and coordinators will man the office to provide virtual support and track daily marketing routine/schedule. Marketing executives will have the opportunity to be guided each day through a marketing plan. They may choose to follow the guidelines and training provided or they may follow their own daily routines.

The company will be supplying a well-studied program allowing the new marketing executives to earn more than the average real estate agent by providing constant guidance and stability. If an agent for example sets a goal to obtain one buyer for the month, on an average of Php3,000,000.00 he would earn an income of Php81,000 per month (inclusive of withholding tax) X 12 months = Php972,000 per year. The accredited brokers will guide and assist every marketing executive in conquering this goal.

The same sales as noted above would profit the corporation Php27,000 per month X 12 months = Php324,000 for the year X 460 agents = Php149,0400,000. Under the RESA Law the real estate brokers on the other hand, are entitled to manage 20 marketing executives hence the corresponding profit for the accredited brokers given the same sales goal will be Php27,000 per month X 12 months = Php324,000 for the year X 20 agents = Php3,888,000 on top of his personal sales.

At every stage of a persons’ search for property the listing will experience attrition or in other words a point where the searcher does will not proceed to view details or make an enquiry about the property being sold.

This happens when the property cannot be found hence agents are encouraged to utilize all major portals in the market to minimize attrition and maximize results. No attention grabbers can also happen when the website is compromised by poorly optimized and presented Images and even the mere.

Titles and Text may increase attrition rate significantly reason why all listings presented on portals should theme professional real estate photography as well as optimized titles and text. People online get bored quickly as well, if a person’s interest is lost while reviewing the property, chances are a potential sale might be lost as well. Apart from getting bored quickly, people using the internet react impulsively. They are quick to judge and if their perception is negative of what they are reading or seeing they will leave and move on, potentially never to look at the listing again.

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