Informative Essay Topics

How to Write an Informative Essay

The name of the essay clearly describes its main goal for every college student. However, writing such a paper is not as easy as it may seem. The idea is to write a piece of work that will explain the audience something they do not know, or broaden their view on something they know exist, but do not know a lot about. At the same time, writer is supposed to introduce his opinion on a chosen topic featuring the latest research data in the subject.

How to Start an Informative Essay

An informative essay combines several types of term papers. On the one hand, a student is supposed to explain new information featuring argumentations. On the other hand, it is also necessary to compare and contrast possible opposing opinions and views on the topic. The paper should include all possible definitions of complicated and unknown terms as well as deep analysis of the subject. The ending should be presented as a solution to a chosen problem.

Informative Essay Topics and Examples

  1. Ecological problems of today
  2. Different types of pollution
  3. Plastic surgery in today’s medical world
  4. Domestic violence
  5. Why eating healthy food is important
  6. The consequences of eating fast food
  7. Slow food as a new trend
  8. How we can protect wild nature
  9. The Internet as the revolutionary invention of the 20th century
  10. The history of automobile industry
  11. Alternative medicine: basic trends
  12. The danger of smoking
  13. From the history of social networks
  14. Healthy lifestyle
  15. How to overcome stress
  16. How to Buy a House
  17. Understanding Your Credit Score
  18. Defining Poverty in the City of Chicago
  19. The Health Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet
  20. The Importance of Regular Daily Exercise

Informative Essay Outline and Format

The structure of an informative essay is more complicated in comparison with any other term paper. It traditionally consists of the following points:

1. Introduction paragraph

2. Body Paragraph #1

  • Evidence
  • Conclusion

3. Body Paragraph #2

  • Evidence
  • Conclusion

4. Conclusion Paragraph

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