Innovation Prowess Leadership Strategies for Accelerating Growth

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31 December 2015

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        Innovative management is a strategy in which a company manager utilizes all the available resources and develops a working community where ingenuity and innovativeness work together with practicality in order to formulate reforms. Today’s fast changing business environment calls for innovation management which will help companies to achieve their long term objectives. Innovation management will help companies to maintain competitive advantage. Long term sustainability of a company may be determined by its ability to expertly direct innovation assets to address a swiftly changing economic and market setting. Innovation management includes the activities, decisions and practices that propel an opinion to realization for the rationale of breeding business worth. This paper is about software development by Samsung Company. The Company has come up with an advanced wireless disk drive that is the champion in the Google industry (Day, 2013).

Samsung unlike Apple reveal good consumerist skills in the course of innovativeness. The Company usually manufactures differentiated products that ensure that consumers choose from variety of Samsung devices. For example, Samsung products are of high quality with OS and software thus thriving well especially in OS and android market. Samsung have advanced strategic capacity which enable them hang about as the greatest threat to Apple. For example, their marketing strategies are outstanding. They augmented their cost of advertisement from $78 million to $401 million. In addition Samsung association capability is first-class. They exceedingly believe in providing people with opportunities to excel. They slot in the five hub values in every action taken which enable them to prosper. They are dedicated in ensuring that they are socially and environmentally liable wherever they are operating from (Michell, 2010).

Innovation management is very important owing to the fact that Samsung Company have to work under tight budget and the increased demand from the customer who prefer high quality products and services at affordable prices. Innovation management emphasizes on production of new technologies, products and services. Samsung is also known as the giant electronic maker, it is planning to launch the advanced wireless disk drive to the android users. The advanced disk drive Crystal Disk Mark chronological read and writes scores of 300MB/sec and 250MB/sec are around three times as fast as the swiftest hard disks from any other company and the disk’s LaCie’s small-file scores are excellent: its 300KB and 250MB/sec write and read results of 700MB/sec places the advanced disk drive at the front line. The advanced disk drive is expected to be more durable as compared to other disks. Durability is more important than speed and capacity. Identifying and implementing investments repetitively and effectively make up the vital purpose of innovation management. Various decisions that are prepared in Samsung Company affect the succession and eventual success of superior ideas. New innovative ideas must be aimed at solving an existing business problem or growing an opportunity (Ernst, 2007).

Successful innovation management in Samsung Company follows the following guidelines; first, whether the potential innovation is aligned with the company’s strategy. Second, how the proposed change will add value to the customer. That is how the advanced wireless disk drive will add value to the customer, the third guideline is the amount of investment that is required and whether the investment will generate good returns. Whether the advanced disk drive will attract more customers? Forth, the possible impact of innovation to the current business and whether it would affect the existing returns. Also, the time frame for the effect to be realized and the impact to the business, how the innovation will alter or disrupt current markets; whether the new idea will generate additional revenue or reduces operating costs, the other guideline is how the latest innovations improve existing or build up new obstacles to competition and finally whether there is an effortless access to the competencies required to apprehend the new idea.

The new strategy that Samsung Company should slip in when launching the advanced wireless disk drive is pricing strategy. They should employ customer-based pricing. Samsung Company is well-known for hasty production of differentiated products thus penetration pricing will work best. The purpose of penetration pricing is to enlarge market share of the product. Samsung Company by the use of penetration pricing will be able to raise prices once they penetrate the market. The new strategy will draw many customers to buy the wireless disk drive and other products. The long term gain is that Samsung will accomplish a higher market share as compared to other rivalry companies in the industry. Samsung products are somewhat differentiated and owing to price inelasticity of demand in the market; this new strategy will work best for Samsung. This will be a very competitive tool for Samsung as they launch the advanced wireless disk drive and other innovative products. Retrieved from HYPERLINK “”

Samsung Company is conversant that innovation management requires an innovation framework that will enable effective and repetitive change which will increase the capacity of the company to generate high quality goods and services. Innovation encourages the need for rapid change and rejuvenation, potentially affecting all sectors of a company. Samsung does not engage its workers in long working hours like Apple and Google since they believe in innovativeness. Transform is usually opposed which calls for necessary rewards and incentives to endorse the required innovation. The weekly meetings and workshop with the team of 8 members will be very significant since it will help me to diagnose the hindrances to innovation in the company (Argüden, 2011).

The workshop and meetings will be exceptionally useful in understanding how verified framework to make the company more inventive. The workshop and weekly meetings will help us to find out examples of appropriate practice in innovation management and compose an action plan that will boost the innovation performance of the company. The other chief benefits of holding weekly meetings and workshops in Samsung Company include; gain awareness of how to develop excellent ideas that focus on adding value to the customer. For example, Samsung is planning to launch the advanced wireless disk drive and other products such as Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5. Samsung operates under the philosophy of ‘people first.’ Second, help to gain self-assurance to manage the company’s assortment and shield the most innovative ideas. Third, help people to gain capacity to borrow ideas from chief management team for the company’s innovation action plan. Third, help individuals to gain ability to endorse an organizational culture that embraces creativity and innovativeness. It also helps to increase the alertness of apposite application of strategies so as to improve company presentation. Finally, help to build up confidence to communicate about the need for innovation and how to achieve it (Chang, 2008).

The new idea of advanced wireless disk drive must offer competitive advantage to attract new clients, maintain existing clients and cut-down the production cost with an aim of maximizing profits. Innovation is not hard but it is a complex process which involves change. Change on the other hand necessitates learning. High improbability and likelihood makes innovation management very complex, since it calls for the learning speculation to be concentrated on the areas of alteration that represent the highest possibility or uncertainty for gradual sustainability and intensification of the company. For more than 70 years, Samsung has focused on advancing the world through diversification that has led to advanced technology fashion, skyscraper, hotels, medicine, petrochemicals, semiconductors, finance and plant construction. Samsung Electronics lead takes the top position in the global market in high-tech digital media and electronic manufacturing. Through innovative, reliable services and products, talented personnel, collaboration with customers and other stakeholders, and responsible approach to business and global citizenship, Samsung is moving the world in imaginative new commands (Bessant, 2009).

There are several external and internal triggers facing Samsung Company; however, there are many potential solutions to these problems. Three pillars of innovation must also be considered in development of innovation framework. These pillars include strategy, competency and management. Innovative competency of the company will depend on the set of capabilities and the history. Samsung main objective is making a better world through innovation. Powerful framework is based on commitment and competence which will help the company to propel forward. As the company manager it is vital to come up with strategies in the resource allocation. The strategies will also be significant in improving the existing processes and products, finding adjacencies and discovering totally new markets. A competent firm is required to manage its innovation in an appropriate manner. Samsung have to be hasty in its production so that it can cope with competition from Apple and Google. People everywhere, regardless of their earnings; desire to use superior and innovative products. Thus Samsung Company has to come up with strategies to make their products more affordable to the customers. People have different tastes, budgets, preferences and lifestyles. Through provision of innovative products that offer value for money, the company will meet different needs of the clients all over (Ghemawat et al, 2011).

The diversification strategy should focus on ensuring that the new product gives the customers confidence that the product will deliver on its promise so that they feel their money is spent appropriately. Improving brand quality will make business sense and enhance the company’s capacity to improve the lives of the low-income customers. The Samsung Company has the necessary resources, skills and the will to produce high-quality products at a lower price which meet the customer’s demands. Samsung Company must to come up with innovative strategies such as diversification strategy since the competitors are not willing to move back from breakthrough designs, very responsive and mass customizing variety strategies among other strategies that enhance production of superior products (Kenny, 2009).

The innovation team will be of great importance since they will help in generation of a set of innovation activities which amalgamates the activity into a regular cycle of running the company. The following phases in innovation management will assist Samsung to amalgamate the set of innovation activities in order to realize a fruitful end (Trauffler et al, 2007).

They include:

Setting the objectives for the process

        Innovation is all about change and starts with a goal in mind. The major problem is developing a strategy that will ensure provision of quality products at affordable prices which will attract more customers as well as retaining the existing customers. The team of innovation management has come up with diversification strategy that solves this predicament. Once the goal is identified, it will be discussed by all the members in the problem solving team. I am the leader of the team being in charge of other 8 members. These individuals are professional functional areas. The team will have weekly meetings and workshops where they will provide feedback and suggestions regarding their personal experience with the company’s product and services. I will be the leader of the team and I will oversee all the parts of the process from the beginning to the end (Hill, 2012).


        As an innovation team in Samsung Company we will work together so that rather than raising separate ideas, we can amalgamate them and develop a collaborative solution. This will be achieved through the weekly meetings and workshops. I have great experience as a manager in the company thus there is no need of hiring a trained business coach to facilitate the discussions. In addition, the prosperity of Samsung Company can be attributed to the uphill struggle and proficiency of its employees, whose mutual efforts boost the company’s competitive advantage and speed up innovation. It is also doubtless that the previous success would have been impractical without the intense interest and packed support from all stakeholders. Retrieved from HYPERLINK “” of ideas

The team highlights the ideas, and then they select the most suitable ones and then evaluate to see whether they can be combined to come up with an excellent idea. In deed, bold ideas will be complementary to each other and will combine to a better result. The whole result is likely to intensify with every member contributing to the process. The success of this combined ideas require representative from every stakeholder in the process. This is because these stakeholders are experts and have crucial information that individuals from other departments could not raise. As the team leader I will ensure that every angle of innovative process is covered. The business idea is to develop an advanced wireless disk drive.

Evaluation of Innovation

        This is a very crucial aspect of innovation management; however, it is usually ignored. When the most suitable ideas are fine-tuned, combined, and polished they should be subjected to peer review for evaluation. This will ensure the efficacy of the idea of advanced wireless disk drive. Deprived ideas will be identified in the evaluation stage before Samsung commits its funds, time and resources to them. Evaluation stage will also help the team to select idea with great potential from the other ideas that seem to have equal chances of success. This is the stage where the innovation team can alter the strategy of innovation with a lot of ease as compared to later stages. The stages after evaluation stage are more costly and thus require a lot of caution. The advanced wireless disk drive will enable customers to; access their Media Wirelessly, stream media wirelessly to Tablets or Smartphones among others, customers can also stream to up to 4 diverse devices concurrently, the drive also can operate the disk drive as a moveable DVD Writer and finally the wireless disk drive can as well be paired with Samsung Smart TV. The advanced disk drive is the quickest of all other wireless disk drives.

Testing the ideasOnce the innovation team identifies the potential idea, in this case developing an advanced wireless disk drive, they will test it so that they can identify the weak areas that require development. One of the most common method of testing service delivery or product quality is creation of test group. This will enable the innovation team, the customers, and the investors to familiarize with the new product in terms of its functioning and the necessary changes to be made to improve the product. The strategy is to ensure that the product raise interest as well as generating more orders. Customers will get interested to the high-quality products such that they will order more products from the company.

Execution of the innovation implementation

        If the idea of advanced wireless disk drive passes through the testing process, it can be further modified and changed until it is ready to be implemented as a component of the company offerings. The execution of implementation is unique for every business. Unless the idea of an advanced wireless disk drive calls for alteration of marketing strategies, then this step for innovation management process should be basic for the company. It will be effortless for Samsung Company to move from testing of the product to the execution if the new product were able to create interest and generate orders in the testing stage (Zacharias, 2011).

Assessment of Innovation Life-cycle

        This is the step that follows after the execution of the business idea. Implementation should be closely monitored and assessed regarding the targets to be set. If the target is unattainable, the idea will be turned down calling for developments. Customer is always considered in the execution stage, the team will design measuring systems which can measure the value added to the customer through application of new strategies. Samsung work under the philosophy of ‘people first.’

The next step after assessment is starting again, identify new strategies, solutions and inspirations and taking them through the cycle until the company come up with appropriate strategies that ensure value is added to the customers. Over the last two decades, Samsung Electronics utilized a series of turn around strategies that basically altered the approach of managing Samsung Company. The employees will be forced to learn from the new speed. Creativity calls for speed in the processes, inventory turns, functions, data access and market response. The style of management which includes control and command is obsolete and the modern way of business success is accommodating new technologies as well as open leadership styles where leaders consider other people’s opinions. The innovation team has to determine how the problem is defined in order to come up with appropriate strategy. For example, Samsung identified the problem associated to access of media. They decide to solve the problem by developing an advanced wireless disk drive where people can stream at ease. This will help the company to develop and raise ideas based on the need and how to improve the brand while maintaining low prices. Capacity to come up with new ideas should be one of the most crucial priorities in an organization. Retrieved from

Innovation process will also include the Samsung’s internal and external elements. The team of innovation includes eight members who are company employees, customers and other stakeholders in the company. The innovation process will consider the following:

Industry and cultural context.

        This refers to the environment and culture existing in Samsung Company. Samsung Company main objective is to produce first-rated product and services. The company officials also are very considerate since they respect other people’s opinions. This cultural background has greatly contributed to the expansion of the company since the employees have learnt to work under minimum supervision. The relationship between employees and the supervisors is excellent. The company is also deeply concerned with the future path of the employees and thus provides mentoring, training and essential coursework as well as coaching them. The company is also concerned about the employee’s social life and thus offers flexibility in schedules (Michell, 2010).

Employee’s opinions are also taken seriously so as to involve them in decision making. Decision making is very important and everyone should be involved since decision made will affect every individual related to the company operations. This employee relationship enhances engagement thus workers are motivated and thus will be crucial to company’s performance. Samsung Company recognizes that a company is its people, thus they operate under the value of integrity. Operations in Samsung are guided by moral values which ensure respect, complete transparency, fairness, for all employees as well as stakeholders (Mellor, 2003).

Organizational context

        Samsung’s structure is very distinct because although there are representatives in every sector; respect remain paramount in the company. Employees respect their bosses and works under minimum supervision. Moral ethics is fundamental principle in Samsung Company. Samsung Company believes in use technology and innovation instead of control and command. The main goal is to be the best company in product and service. Customer satisfaction is the main objective since Samsung seeks to produce high-quality products while maintaining low prices. Company culture is very crucial since it can shape or break down the company. Samsung operates under team-based culture where employees participate on all levels. Samsung Company’s culture is adaptive and hence has enabled Samsung to outshine its competitors (Haig, 2004).

Adaptive culture accommodates change which is very essential for innovation management. It is very imperative for Samsung Company to understand its culture since it will learn to shape it according to their wish. The company’s culture has experienced changes due to hiring and replacement of employees. New employees bring new values and practices to the company’s culture. Thus it is vital to access the company culture by listening to comments from suppliers, customers and the employees. The common behaviors and noticeable symbols comprise the company culture. The team should also determine the desired company culture before any change is implemented. Samsung innovation team must find out the appropriate culture that suit the company in its desired future situation. The team will also review the company’s mission, values and vision to ensure that the culture being designed will support them effectively. Samsung Company culture is aligned to its strategic goal (Krug, 2009).

Aligning company culture to the strategic goals includes; developing a strategy that endorses the good things in the current culture and correcting the unaligned sectors, the team should brainstorm developments in the formal laws and daily duties, the team should develop strategic plan of the desired behaviors and actions, the innovation team should communicate the recent culture to all employees, and finally the innovation team should also over-communicate the recent culture and its practices to every individual.

Strategic model of innovationSamsung electronic main focus is strategic innovation endeavors on product improvement which are usually addition and convey diminutive new significance. Though the aim might be to improve the brand quality it is also good to consider company culture, resources and network. Samsung can avoid diminishing returns from increased competition by creating a new model for the product. The more the innovation team will succeed in advancement of unique features in their production, product and marketing the more the innovation will be. Samsung uses four main areas to come up with a successful new business model of innovation for secure competitive advantage.

The first chief area is the core strategy which implies how the company will compete. The innovation team will develop core strategy such that it includes the company mission with key objectives such as strategic intent and value proposition. The company can use the strength of the current strategy or consider generating a new one. The core strategy should focus on competitive markets, defining the environment, customers and segment. A strategic core strategy is different from that of the competing firms and builds on the company’s features and strengths. Samsung Launch of advanced wireless disk drive is a significant step that enables customers to enjoy the quickest wireless streaming from SMART hub. Retrieved from

The innovation team will also focus on strategic resources. Samsung will also highlight the areas that require reorganization and improvement of the existing staff. The team should understand the company’s patents, brands and infrastructure. The company resources are expensive to imitate as they are associated to high cost and thus scare off competing firms. The company should use its strengths to improve competition.

Customer interface is the other key factor to consider, where Samsung considers the market and the existing competition. Samsung should identify the type of service, channels and support involved or that it controls with the available one so that they can add value to the product. Samsung innovation team should also use its client’s insight and use every opportunity to improve market understanding and how the market understands the company. Understanding the information requirements of chief customers and their dynamic interaction with the product or company is very important in strategic innovation. Pricing strategies might also be considered since the new product might alter the company’s practices (Michell, 2010).

Value network is another crucial factor to take into consideration. Samsung should consider the value network from the top to bottom of the value chain. The company stabilizes when it attract more finances and better partnership as compared to its competitors. The rapport between company and its suppliers influence opportunities for faster changes, price and quality of a product. The partners of the company can supply critical solutions and mechanism to the product, or create synergies or symmetries to augment sale. If Samsung innovation costs are projected to be high, the innovation team can consider a coalition even with the competing firm to enhance radical change in the market. The framework of meta-innovation is very important strategy to apply since it challenges the firms to think beyond product quality, markets and processes. Innovation does not necessarily have to be a high cost, but it should be an appropriate idea (Chang, 2008).

4. Knowledge deployment

        Samsung is committed to inspire people across the world by developing innovative products, new technologies and creative solutions. Samsung is changing rapidly to cope with the changing world. The company is relentless in innovation and pursuit of discovery thus creating possibilities. The launch of the wireless disk drive among other excellent products has enabled Samsung to be a world-class company. Samsung innovation has enabled advancement in technology, skyscraper, medicine, semiconductors, hotels, plant construction, finance and petrochemical among other significant application that help to push industries forward. Through creation of superior product and services, Samsung struggle to augment the lives of people across the world and ensuring positive change to the world. Samsung believe in power to connect people to what they are today with what they aspire to be in future. Samsung Company is the leader in high-tech digital products such as LCD and color television, EMS micro chip and mobile phones (Michell, 2010).

5. Methods of collaboration

        Samsung has taken full advantage as a latecomer and outshined various leading companies by employing a powerful engineering of core technology. Samsung does not engage its workers in long working hours, but it believes in innovation management. Samsung work under the philosophy of ‘people first’ thus they are able to develop products that attract more customers. For example, the wireless disk drive is a very advanced tool that will enable customers to enjoy wireless streaming among other uses. Samsung has never thought of quitting transformation and innovation. History reveals how, Kun-Hee Lee, Samsung chairman is excellent in deciding and forecasting. Samsung is also able to be the world leading company because of continuous development and investment. Samsung also changed from massive imitational production to independent product development based on digital technology. Samsung endeavors to make an integrated world through global citizenship and responsible approach to business as well as collaboration with their customers and stakeholders (Krug, 2009).

6. Protecting innovation

        This paper explains how Samsung internalization in China helps it secure a competitive advantage. Samsung has three lasting forces namely promotion force, force of internal motivation and organization force. Promotion force is the company and entrepreneurship culture which control strategic decision making and approach of development of a company and determine the character of a company. Force of internal motivation is the capacity in engineering of key technology and its application which forms Samsung’s competence. Organizational force is under scientific management which enables Samsung to execute its strategy. Samsung company management involves innovation in reducing transaction cost as well as innovation in utilizing capital. Retrieved from

7. Managing risks: failure and imitation

        Diversification is the key strategy that enables Samsung to cope with risk and uncertainty. Samsung philosophy is ‘people first’ which enable them to develop products that align with customer’s needs. Samsung chairman is also excellent in forecasting and deciding power which has greatly helped the company to develop products that attract more customers. Samsung success is not measured in terms of achievement, but how they have improved the lives of the people. Samsung also manage risks by changing rapidly to cope with the changing world. Samsung is a leading company in production of high-tech digital products which are unique. For example, the launching of wireless disk drive is a significant step where customers will be attracted by the drive unique characteristics. Samsung strive to make a better world through innovation, trustworthy goods and services. Samsung utilizes diversification which helps it to produce differentiated products ranging from LCD and color television, smart phones and EMS memory chip. Customers are able to choose from variety of Samsung products which place the company at a competitive advantage. Samsung also utilizes cost-benefit analysis which helps the company to manage risks and uncertainty. Samsung measure the efficacy of a strategy by testing the ideas mainly through insights from customers, employees or other stakeholders (Kenny, 2009).

8. Commercialization

        Samsung products are widely used across the world. Samsung has enhanced the growth of many businesses that use their high-tech products. Samsung strive to make the world integrated through advanced technology, finance, medicine, semiconductors, hotels skyscraper, petrochemicals, and plant construction among others. Samsung is made up of more than 78 distinct companies and joint ventures in an extensive assortment of businesses. Samsung objective is to diversify into medicine, health and biotechnology. Samsung is recognized as the leader in technology and is now ranks as a top 10 global brand. Diversification strategy has also helped Samsung to develop different products of high quality at cheaper prices as compared to products from other companies; for instance, Samsung receive massive sale of smart phones. The company also project that the newly launched advanced wireless disk drive will attract more customers and gain more orders (Argüden, 2011).


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