Internal and External Force of Change for Synergetic Solutions

Synergetic Solutions lets us know that change is something that will happen no matter what we do. Executing change is not as simple as acknowledging the need for change. Synergetic Solutions understands the internal and external factors that have required a change to take place, and desire to improve operations but executing the change can be difficult when met with conflict. Both employees and leaders must understand, through good communication, the need for change and the way by which to achieve that change successfully. To survive in recent market environment organizations need to change constantly with current conditions that are constantly, who can accept change survive and who cannot accept change and suffer the consequences. Changes brought a effect of strategic initiatives within a company and how it affects work design and organization culture. While change is occurring you can see opposition to change at individual and organizational levels, change agent has to implement various tactics to restrain the resistance and dead organization step reward to work on new strategies. Synergetic solution Inc. is a $6 million company in the business of system integration assembling and reselling leading computers brands. It has 300 employees mostly in the sales and service departments working in five locations across the east–coast. most employees in this trading organization possess only basic computer assembling and trouble shooting skills, while a few technically higher skilled individuals operates as the specialists.

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Harold red, chief executive officers made changes in to the network solution business of designing and implementing complete computing networks. He got four of synergetic brightest engineers trained and certified on networking technologies. One internal factor that has caused Synergetic Solutions to implement change is limited skills of employees. Most employees have basic skills to complete tasks but how many continue with education hours to keep progressing and learning? As with Synergetic Solutions, most employees have the basic computer skills needed but only a few employees are specialists in a chosen field (UOP, 2010). Being a specialist requires more time, training, and education which most employees will not do individually but will do collectively within the organization if the organization provides opportunity. For any change to occur positively, employees need to be trained to implement new routines and daily processing of tasks that increase skills and abilities of each employee. With 300 employees who mainly work in sales and service, Synergetic Solutions must implement change to educate these employees to expand skills and abilities.Another internal factor for change is to increase revenue. The goal of Synergetic Solutions is to increase revenue every quarter and by 80 percent over the next nine months. To be successful and meet the goals of earned revenue, a change must take place. Synergetic Solutions is taking a look at the certification and training needed to redirect the organization from reselling leading computers to designing and implementing tasks.

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