Internal Building Security Proposal

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16 March 2016

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Internal Building Security Proposal
Access Control is an important part of any business. Anytime a business is under construction it will be more vulnerable to threats and attacks. Construction will need more protection because of the ability to gain easier access to a building because of the open areas within the building. Certain areas in a building are a target for attacks. Some areas are higher risk because of the information or high-value assets within the building. Access Control is the best way to wing out some threats and minimize other threats. Each individual at an access point will have several types of protection such as gates, lighting, cameras, detectors, sensors and other devices that can check individuals thoroughly and make sure each one is authorized to be in the building. Keeping individuals out that have no authorization can lower threats and minimizes chances of damage occurring externally. Access control will work from the outside in to protect a business.

Technology is continuing to get better and there are a lot more devices available that can enhance security and help assist the personnel when concerning responsibilities. Access control still needs the support of security personnel to make sure all the devices are functioning properly. Technology has to be maintained to run properly and do what it is designed to do. Access Control was created to keep unwanted individuals from entering a location and to prevent from any employees or personnel from leaving with any valuable information unnoticed. There are so many ways to access a building that any vulnerable areas may be threatened at some point. Access control helps to minimize the vulnerabilities and lower threats against a business. Construction on a building will leave certain areas vulnerable and will be more difficult to secure because of all the individuals coming from outside of the business to do a job. More people can mean more threats, this will need more protection. Some of the types of technology that are becoming popular for protection are wireless access points, cameras, sensors, detectors, wands, and computers. Security personnel are using these devices to detect and deter crime in the work environment (University of Phoenix, 2008).

Wireless Access points and surveillance are becoming more common because of the portability. It is more difficult to carry around a big computer for monitoring purposes and access control. A wireless computer is much more compact and lighter to carry around while handling the responsibilities of monitoring employees at an access point. A building will also have a way for security personnel to monitor different areas of the building by using cameras. A wireless computer can make it easier to monitor these different areas all in one area. Cameras will not take the place of security but can make it easier for security to cover more ground successfully and still be able to perform other duties. One advantage that cameras have is that as long as maintenance is kept up that cameras will run non-stop even when security is unavailable or just in a different location. Crime can still occur with security on patrol. Areas more vulnerable can use cameras to help catch any activity that seems out of place. In most instances cameras are only viewed when something has already occurred and can validate an individual’s where physical where about during a certain time period. Sensors are a growing trend at access points. Many industrial buildings will have products that employees will have contact with during a work day.

A business will use sensors on products to keep track of the location, while in the building. One product may be received and shipped from one location to the next until the process is complete and ready to be shipped to another building. Sensors can also be caught at access points if individuals attempt to leave the building with a product without authorization. One device that can find such sensors is the detector. At several access points for employees’ detectors will be present and scanned over an individual to ensure that no sensors are found before leaving a building during lunch and after work hours. A wand is just one type of detector that will scan and have an alarm go off when it detects certain materials. Individuals will have to physically take anything out of their pockets and show that it is not a business product. Another type of detector is a full body detector that can detect different objects on a person without having to do a strip search. Computers is something that is storing more data for a business and also it has the capability of doing other tasks such as viewing camera feed during recording, and keeping track of authorization, cards, and keys for employees. At different access gates, a card will need scanning before entering. A computer can make sure that the card scanned at the gate is valid.

A private intranet will hold information for a business about employees, customers, employers, and the business products and services. This type of device will have access points within the system. A computer will have a private server but is still running on the internet and can be hacked. Hackers will try and find ways to access the information and retrieve or damage it. A business can find ways to strengthen the access points into the private database and prevent hackers from accessing business information. A computer will have software, updates, passwords, and programs to protect intruders from hacking thedatabase without authorization. Computers need protection to prevent from damage. A system that has been hacked can corrupt the system and make it unusable. A way of protecting a system before it is damaged is having a back-up system.

If the system is destroyed the back-up can make a business more prepared for any threats or damage to restore the system back to normal (University of Phoenix, 2011). A business will have certain areas that contain more vital information or equipment that can be threatened by construction. Areas that are more high-value need more layers of protection against any threats. Data of a business will contain information such as customer records which will have information, such as where they live, telephone numbers, full names, social security numbers and more which can be used to commit other crimes such as fraud. High-value areas are more vulnerable because the amount of damage that can be done will cost more than in other areas of the building. For instance, bathrooms of a facility will have little to no products and are less of a risk than an office. So the security will focus more on offices because of the amount of value. Some areas may only include security cameras for monitoring an area. A big high-value area could include the main power room. This area can cause damage to not only the building but also to the equipment.

The main power room may have heavier walls, more cameras, passwords, security personnel, and other types of protection. There are several considerations that should be kept in mind such as who can access the room, who will be working in a room that is in the high-value areas? High-value rooms will be threatened normally both internally and externally. If a construction area is near anything high-value at a business, extra precautions may be taken to make sure the area is secure from both types of threats. Internal building security is important to have for every business to protect the business. A business has many assets that are unable to protect themselves. Security personnel are hired to protect the business, the people, and the environment. In a new building security will be less effective because of financial status and experience with threats.

The type of threats will vary and the only way to avoid vulnerabilities is attempting to use other existing buildings methods when concerning access control, surveillance, and the protection of high-value areas. A business has to prepare for threats before they occur and then deal with new ones as they arise if there is no prior experience with the type of threat. For example, hackers are always finding ways to hack a system. No code or encryption that is created is identical and all the programs and software in the world can protect a business from all threats. A business needs constant management to evolve with society and the new changes. Taking advantage of new technologies will improve the chance of success for both the business and security.

University of Phoenix. (2008). Design and Evaluation of Physical Protection and Systems.

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