Intra- and interpersonal perception

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24 February 2016

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How does intra- and interpersonal perception (understanding yourself and other people) contribute to individual success both at university and later at work?

In this world of change and complexity, studying hard at school and dedicating at work are not enough to succeed at university and workplace. There are many factors affecting one’s life. The main factor comes from inner world of an individual. As the saying goes: nothing is too difficult if you put your heart into it. Therefore, deepen the understanding of inner world of is important to an individual. Moreover, in order to succeed at both university and later at work, having intra- and interpersonal perception are vital for an individual. This essay will discuss how does intra- and interpersonal perception contribute to individual success both at university and later at work by mainly focused on that enhanced study result by self-monitoring and raised work performance by communication with colleague.

Interpersonal perception is a type of social psychology, it means how you perceive a target, and the target can be a person apart from yourself (David A, 1994). In laymen’s terms, interpersonal perception can be defined as how much does an individual understand about the others. The purpose of having an interpersonal perception is to communicate with others successfully and get advantages from the successful communication. Having a better understanding of others can lead an individual to be success at both University and later at work. This essay will further discuss about this point in the following paragraphs. In order to communicate with others successfully, an individual must first learn to communicate with himself or herself. That means having a better understanding of our inner feeling is needed. This can be called as intrapersonal perception. In the daily life, an individual may not perfectly understand about what the inner feeling is when acting different behaviors. This will cause an individual to feel uncomfortable. Therefore, having an intrapersonal perception is very important. In order to develop intrapersonal perception, individuals should be able to describe what they strive for as their own personal values, vision and objective (Hanbury, Sapat, Washington, 2004). Intrapersonal perception will be built after having a deeper understanding of an individual’s goals of life. Therefore, it allows an individual to adjust his or her behaviors and reduce the feeling of uncomfortable. After having an intrapersonal perception, an interpersonal perception can be developed by enhancing communication with others. But above all, both perceptions can lead an individual to succeed at work and University.

Intrapersonal perception can help students to get a better study result at University and enhance performance at job by increasing self-monitoring and self-awareness. When an individual knowing more about himself or herself, disadvantages will be found and hence increases their self-awareness. Bercher pointed out that accurate self-regulation can help a student to get a better result and greater performance at school (2012). When a student can be aware of his or her state of study, they will be able to adjust their performance. More importantly, students should clearly know about themselves at first. Secondly, they will find out what behaviors and what disadvantages should be improved in order to achieve the goals of study at school. At last, students will adjust their study methods or put more effort on study. As a result, the goals will be easier to accomplish and the study progress will be under their control. Moreover, intrapersonal perception can help an individual to be success at workplace. Employees’ attitude is very important to their performances at work. A positive attitude can lead an employee to accomplish a task more easily. When the employees knowing more about themselves, they can clearly know about what are their goals at work and what should they do to achieve the goals. Therefore, employee’s work attitude will be changed positively caused by their self-awareness. Performance and workplace behavior will also be improved. When an individual can own the ability of self-monitoring at workplace, attitude and workplace performance will be continently adjusted, it leads an individual to be success at work by having a higher performance.

Furthermore, having an interpersonal perception can help an individual to obtain a higher result at both University and workplace by improving communication skill and increasing communication with others. Firstly, different types of group project are needed in the University. Having a better understanding of the others can help to obtain a successful coordination and get a better performance at group project. When the others thinking are highly understood by an individual, the individual will be able to coordinate with them in a more suitable way (Abele, Stasser, 2008). That means the communication with others will be improved and it leads to a successful coordination. Additionally, when a student having a better understand of other schoolmates, he or she can be able to compare their differences in study method, and hence to make an adjustment in order to improve study result. Also, having an interpersonal perception can benefit an individual at work. When an individual having a deeper understand of others, he or she can find an appropriate way to interact with them and obtain a better performance at work (Vrinda, 2001). Knowing others is an important skill, it helps an individual to analyze others behavior. Once an individual can be able to understand colleagues at workplace more accurately, he or she can communicate with them in a more suitable way and can have a better coordination. It will decrease conflict and enhance working result. Apart from improving working performance by appropriate interaction with others, interpersonal perception can also help an individual to get a job more easily and keep the job. Because it helps an individual to have a higher understanding of the examiner’s mind.

In conclusion, intra- and interpersonal perception help an individual to have a self-monitoring ability and a better communication skill. Therefore, the performance at work and study progress at University of an individual can be improved by continually self-monitoring and enhancing interaction with others. Also, it allows an individual to obtain a higher study result and to have a better performance at workplace. Finally, intra- and interpersonal perception can help an individual to be success bot at university and later at work.


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