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2 March 2016

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What do I expect from you?
1. Be prepared. Roughly go through the material in the textbook before the class. 2. I am going to spoon-feed you with lots of questions !
These questions are designed to arouse your interest and to help you to figure out most of the stuff by your own thinking!
You will have fun by actively participating in thinking and discussing these questions. It will be a waste of your time if you just want to passively listen to the answers. 3. Do the homework assignments by yourself.

You can discuss the questions with your classmates.
But do not copy and paste!
4. Please Use Anonymous Feedback in IVLE! Tell me what you want from me!

What is the most important technology invented in 20th century? The digital computer.
•How does the digital computer process information?
The computer performs binary operations according to a list
of instructions (program)
How many operations can your laptop execute in one second?
CPU speed of 2 GHz – 2 billion (109)
What is the fastest speed of the supercomputer now?
China’s Tianhe-2 (2013):

33.86 Petaflops (1015)

USA’s Cray Titan (2012): 17.59 Petaflops
Japan’s K Computer (2011) : 10.5 Petaflops
How many operations can a computer (with one CPU) execute at any given instant? •Only ONE! The operations are serial: one after another!

The modern computers are so fast that it may appear that many programs are running at the same time even though only one is ever executing in any given instant.


EE5904/EE5404 Neural Network

EE5904/ME5404 Neural Networks

•Can computer beat the human brain now?
•Yes and No.
•What are the tasks that the computer can beat the human brain? •Playing chess—the Deep Blue defeated the world champion Garry Kasparov in 1997. •Solving equations!

•But there are certain things that we can do much better than computer! Can you list some of them?
Pattern recognition such as recognizing one familiar face among a crowd! Half a century ago, artificial-intelligence pioneer, Marvin Minsky of MIT predicted that computers would exceed human intelligence within a generation. Recently, he admitted:

“ The world’s most powerful computers lack the common sense of a toddler; they cannot even distinguish cats from dogs unless they are explicitly and painstakingly programmed to do so.”
• Can computer rival the human brain 1000 years from now? Is Terminator ever possible? 9

EE5904/ME5404 Neural Networks


How about the brains of other animals?
Are they also good at pattern recognition?
Pigeons as art experts (Watanabe. et al. 1995)
Pigeon in Skinner box

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