Introduction Speech Outline

Purpose Statement: To persuade my audience that true personal power is developed through our humane treatment of ourselves and our fellow man.
Thesis Statement: To understand personal power, it’s important to look at how we treat ourselves. Are we critical of ourselves? Unforgiving? Do we have low self-esteem or confidence? Attention Getter & Overview of main points: “All suffering is caused by mankind’s great inhumanity to one another. Hello, I am Tonya, and today I am going to talk to you about accountability, responsibility, and change. ARC is the ark of a life that is built upon a stable foundation. I. First main point written in complete sentence

When we think of being accountable, we often think of others accountability and not ourselves. Being accountability for our actions and not blaming others is the very first step to developing personal power.

Accountability in this instance means being aware that something is wrong or amiss in our lives, and not ignoring it. It’s identifying the problem, or our wrong actions

II. Second main point in complete sentence.
Responsibility is the second step in the development of personal power, not only do we have to be accountable, we also have to accept responsibility for our thoughts, words, and the subsequent actions that take place as a result of them.

Responsibility is accepting the problem or our negative actions and finding productive, efficient, and effective ways to deal with them.

III. Third main point in complete sentence.
Once we have identified the problem or wrong action, and accepted it, then we are ready for step number three…Change.
Change. We are changing moment by moment each and every day. We are either
changing for the best or for the worst. That’s not what we are speaking about here. When I say “change”, I am talking about a deliberate action, which will bring about a deliberate manifestation.

True change comes about once we make a choice.
Accountability, Responsibility, and Change these are the points on which a person can build their pyramid of personal power.
If we are willing to be accountable, accept responsibility, and change when necessary, there is nothing that we cannot achieve; and we will be co-creators within the social structures of Life. We will always be a part of the solution, rather than being a part of the problem. Today, I challenge you to apply these three principles to your life and soon you will be living a life full of purpose, and fulfill your call to Greatness.

Shepherd, Tonya “Needless Suffering”
Accessed May 9, 2014