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Fast food became one of the most danger issues all over the world , people are used to eat fast food almost everyday as they see it quicker and more delicious than any other healthy food. People do not know how much they are harming themselves by eating junk food , it leads to a lot of diseases and illness because bodies will be deprived from the healthy food but by eating healthy food people will strength their health. Fast food has unhealthy impact on people’s body but it also remains extremely popular. Government should ban fast food to protect people’s health . there are many reasons why fast food should be banned. This paper will discuss the main reason that leads to overuse fast food and the reasons why fast food should be banned .

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The main reason that leads to overuse fast food is the frequent advertisements on televisions (2013,04. should fast food advertisement be banned. Retrieved 04,2013) The more they will talk about fast food on television , the more people and children will be forced to buy junk food and this will cause a lot of diseases like the increase of cholesterol , obesity , hypertension, and cancer , those advertisements help parents to consume more fast food and this will apply to children as they spend a lot of time watching the television and learning new behaviors (2012.06 fast food marketing to children. Retrieved 06,2012) the power of advertisements gives children the impression that they can have all they want and it influence parent’s decisions too.(2010,11 fast food advertisement. Retrieved 11,2010) Several advertisements of fast food will cause financial problems almost at all houses as when children, teenagers and adults get used to eat fast food this will cost them a lot of money when they eat it everyday so people will waste their income on buying fast food as they see it easier and quicker . The banning of fast food advertisements will help to ban fast food all over the world as it will have a positive effect towards financial and health problems.

The first reason why fast food should be banned is that leads to social problems while eating away from their homes almost everyday because they Getused to eat fast food sothey became not boned enough with their family and siblings, teenagers see that it is very smart when they go to fast food restaurant with their friends but sadly they do not know how they harm themselves every lunch (2011,01 fastfood. Retrieved from 01.2011) fast food get to distance children and teenagers from their parents and this leads to a lot of social problems , that is why fast food should be banned.

The second reason why fast food should be banned is that leads to health problems like obesity.billions of dollars are spent on buying fast food , so parents became lazy to provide their children essential and important nutrients they need (2011,02 how fast food affects child obesity. Retrieved from 02,2011) children became more overweight because fast food contains a high rate of sugar , salts and fats. (his children are not only affected physically but emotionally and mentally as it also leads to psychological problems like depression and may lead to other dangerous actions.

Parents should realize the amount of damage they are causing their children by letting them eating a high rate of fast food to support and protect their kids. Fast food became the most dangerous issue all over the world as it has several problems like the social , health ,financial and psychological problems and the main cause of spreading fast food and encourage people to over use junk food is the high percentage of advertisements that leads to death. That is why fast food should be totally and completely banned .

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